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Bergerac Airport Strike Updates

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Hi to all

Have begun this thread for anyone who wishes to give updates re the current situation at the airport as AI have (in their infinite wisdom) decided to delete posts with very relevant information.     1000's of us use the airport and 1000's of us are on a knife-edge wondering if long made plans will come to fruition.     Maybe this thread will help.

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Someone with some humanity in their veins who works at the airport gave an update and it was deleted.  The same person put another post saying that although his/her previous post was deleted he/she would be prepared to update if people wanted to know.    It disappeared in seconds. 

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I hope so too.   Heyho, just had an email to say my post has been removed which was answering Jon03 who asked why Simmy's post had been removed. Copy below.    Hopefully the last post I put on will guide Simmy and others here to give updates.

Post simply explained he/she worked at the airport and he/she had put a

post previous morning with an update which was from management but it

had been removed from AI.  I do understand that second hand might not be

directly from the horses mouth but Admin this is supposed to be a forum

where we can aid/guide each other and if he/she worked at the airport

they are clearly an adult with a streak of humanity in their veins.  Why

are the rules not clear on here?

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[quote user="Jon02"]I suspect that it's a case of 'follow the money'. AI only works if local ads can be sold in volume and truths about problems in the tower might cause M le Maire to have a word with Martin.


Then it should'nt be called Angloinfo.     

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