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Have you tried "googling" your own name?


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My daughter is researching our family tree and when she googled my name she found

Someone with my name on the FBI's most wanted list, I kid you not !!

Thank goodness his picture looks nothing like me...[:)]

Someone with my name having his house sold in a levy sale to pay off his debts (very sad)

Both from America.

Try it.[8-|]

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I once read a marriage announcement in a local paper, where the bride had the exact same name as mine!

I also worked in Sussex with a French student whose initials and surname were the same as mine! We were both living in the same house and kept opening each other's mail by mistake [:D]

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My teenage daughter & her friends have great fun by entering their Christian names followed by the word "needs" into Google. Having followed suit, the amount of things that I need are hilarious as my first name is the same as a character from "Lost" who is obviously very needy!
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[quote user="JayJay"]

I'm a porn star, an ex Corrie actress & an anthropologist. LOL!

I bought a secondhand VW beetle years ago from a garage & it was really spooky, as I shared the same name as the lady that had it before. [blink]


Are you sure you didn't just drive away in the car you'd just part-exchanged JJ [:D][:D]

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yes Im a casting director for films in america, although my hubby is really on there from loads of interviews he has done , have found loads about him and some nice photos which I got to copy, Its amazing how many people have used him with out him knowing!!


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A bit boring for me - I'm a Professor of Shakespearan English at Warwick University.

The only thing that I know about Shakepeare is this:

Six plays by Shakespeare:






And the answers:

Much ado about nothing

As you like it

The taming of the shrew

Midsummer night's dream

Twelfth night

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