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I did wonder about the path being a run off for water ..... as it is very steep.

Too many questions to answer now as im being looked at by mc do staff......!!! here is a copy of this weeks news

Well now its been another week For the first time in many many years one day this week I slept till 8am not a habit I would want to get into as I enjoy the mornings and my walk with Boo before the day starts to much . But for once it was nice .... goes to show how relaxed I am becoming . Unlike last night where that Tigger decided to wake me at half one as he would like some whiskers please ....and he’s not a lad who takes no for a answer. but I wasn't giving in, so I was woken every half hour until I grabbed him and held him tight to me hoping he would fall asleep 5am and I was still shooing him away....ah well that was probably my pay back for making him wait till 8am the other morning !!! Cats who'd have them.

The other morning we are sat at the table at the window that looks down onto the road having breakfast ...again something we never did at home normally Dave would get breakfast in bed and I wouldn't bother or Id have some while walking around the house doing a tidy !!... anyhow there we were , I looked out of the window and said to Dave there is a Lama walking down the road , He looks at me , nods smiles and continues to munch his egg toasty ...No I said there really is a Lama walking down the road ..... And there was , turns out you can hire them to carry your luggage if you want to trek in the mountains , which is just what this German couple had done when I spoke to them later at the lac , although he was carrying the luggage and she was walking with the lama like a pet dog !!.... Now you wouldn't see one of them walking down the lane in Canworthy Water would you ?

I have been dodging the drunk lady at the lac most days although she is normally asleep after 3pm so its safe to go into the water then !!

In the post the other day I got a normal , not saying very much letter from my now ex-employer ok fine I threw it away ...... it came 4 times the exact letter ......WHY??? now you know why a tin of bake beans now cost 55p .

This weeks work to keep me busy out side as its been so hot , was to uncover a old stone path that runs from the doors of the bottom round room of the ice house to the main road , it was covered in brambles , weeds and in some cases a foot of old sheep dung and mud. It was flipping hard work but worth it . Its about 15ft wide and maybe around 100/150 ft long made of massive slabs of old stone , in the past I have been clearing the old bits of tractors, tin cans and all the other rubbish he had left there thinking it would just be a concrete path , so I was surprised when I uncovered the first stone which inspired me to go on uncovering , it looks fantastic , and I had to wonder how old it was , was it there from the days when they took the ice out 150 years ago did the poor old oxen or donkeys have to struggle up it fully laden taking the ice to Carcassonne ? Id like to think its that old and certainly gives the run up to the building a air of history now. The night it was finished a massive rain lighting storm hit and washed all the stone so it looks even better now.

The morning after the rain , I took boo for her morning run and stopped by the field to admire my hard work, I turned around and who should be sat in the grass wishing his wally ????? (that's my polite term for it) But Jasper !!! He took one look at me put his wally back in its furry pocket and ran, so I followed him to find he had made a home for him self under a old caravan in the field in a bale of old hay. So not lost as we thought starving alone in some dark place in the forest .... NO alive and well (much slimmer) camping in my field . He seemed happy there and must be eating mice or whatever , so I'm going to try and coax him to me but if he really wants to be a outside cat I'm not going to try and force him into the house . He really was not a person cat at all , he was getting on fine with Boo and Tigger but seemed scared stiff of me . Its funny because Boo has disappeared under the caravan a few times over the last few weeks when I have been working in the field ...now I know why .

We have made one small move to getting the bath room done . we brought some wood to make the shower walls !! that has gone into the cellar with the shower, shower tray n tiles ..... looks like I will be living with untilled walls and a crap old shower for a bit longer !!! as his lordship now needs to return to the UK for a week soon as he gets a flight for next week. Still I may put my nagging hat on once he returns !!!

My brother has arrived hoping to see him next week for a chat and to see how big his girls have grown. I'm looking forward to that as its been a few years since I saw him. I was going to suggest a picnic at the lac but every I have tried that in the past it rains ...so we will see.

I'm trying to think of what else I have been up to apart from a bit of gardening and house work as the weeks go so fast. Dave has been doing more cepe hunting , so its been cepes for breakfast ad dinner !! another thing for the freezer soon....!! that's the trouble with seasonal foods you wait all year for them then your pig sick after a few weeks of eating them ....

Still no news on the phone or internet front ....personally I think Dave is putting it off as he is hoping I’ll get bored of playing house in France after a few months and wanna go home .... after 29 years he still knows me so little But once we get some other jobs finished I start on working on that too....... No sign of my bookcase yet either the few books I managed to get over here are still sat in boxes waiting for a new home ......any one would think he was on holiday poor lad.

Well Boo has woken and the sun is creeping in over my window ledge so I guess its time for walkies .....

Speak to you all soon hope you are all well and happy miss you all

Pamela Dave Boo Tigger Toliver and Jasper xxxxxx
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JJ sorry cant get on my email today could you send a copy of this news letter to all the people who were PP or CCC or wot ever it is on yur last email ??? ta lad xxxx and stop waving that hand around .....!!! my smelly old friend Wink [;-)]
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JJ sorry cant get on my email today could you send a copy of this news letter to all the people who were PP or CCC or wot ever it is on yur last email ??? ta lad xxxx and stop waving that hand around .....!!! my smelly old friend Wink [;-)]
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Copy of this weeks news to friends .....

The stone path is finished and it runs towards the ice room so water probally soaked into large pit I would think.


Can it really be another week ? Dave has been away for a week .... and no this cat did not play , In fact I have been busy mowing in the field and knocking some horrible spray concrete off our garden steps which has taken ages but it means now we can paint the fronts and lay tiles or some thing on the top to make the steps .

My brother and family came for lunch it was really a nice day, now the kids are a little older they are more fun , I'm not and never have been a baby person unless it has a furry tail and 4 paws , but once you can talk to them they are more fun. The oldest was interested in bugs and lizards so we had plenty here to talk about . We walked around the lac and had a paddle looked at bugs n flowers then had lunch.

Last week while sat at the cafe with one of my neighbours her friend and the cafe owner, my neighbours friend as it turned out worked a few hours a week at the cafe and she was telling the owner that her and her chap wanted to go away for the week end and wouldn't be able to work , now as this last week end was one of the busiest of the year (Bastille day) the owner was not happy. I was talked into helping !! too bloody soft that me !!!! But it was fun and I had always got on with the cafe owner so it was nice to work together and although I find her hard to understand as she has a strong accent we still had a laugh. She is always refusing my money when I go for a beer in the afternoons so now I have paid her back a bit.

The only trouble was 1, I didn't get to go to Bastille day (but seen it a few times already) 2, I couldn't meet the lady from the party the other night who was coming for coffee, but I left her a note and she is coming today instead. So all's well that.................

Saw Jasper again this week , early one morning he was walking across my field with a pigeon in his mouth ..... Mmmmm only trouble with that is ... it was one of my neighbours pet one’s , just hope he didn't see him too.....he legged it as soon as he saw me , but he looked well and happy. Toliver has been cheeky while Dave has been away and as soon as the door is open he is in stealing tiggers food , although he gets 2 times more than Tigger outside he is always hungry, I have wormed him but think i may need to do it again or maybe its just habit as he is now putting a little weight on . His real dad has been taken to hospital more and more over the last few weeks , His girlfriend told me he wants to die at home so he goes for treatment then they bring him back again, each time he looks more and more frail, He is going to be 89 this week so I told his girlfriend I would help her make a cake as at the grand age of 61 she has never made one !!

Being Bastille weekend the village has been so busy the camp site full and loads of walkers staying at the hotel and village BnB , so my giving directions in French has been getting lots of practise , I'm thinking of making a map of the village and printing them off to give people as I get stopped so many times while gardening, just wish I was more artistic. Most people want to see the old glaziers as they are mentioned on the internet and in guide books , but the trouble is here they don't give a dam about tourism and they are so over covered by brambles and weeds you can hardly see them. I saw them a few years ago before and they were interesting but now there is nothing to see and I would be miffed if I walked all that way only to see brambles . Next week is the village fete there is going to be about 13/14 English this year so maybe we can have a football match.... just hope there is no fighting with he local boys and the sons of a couple who have a place here as most of the English are their sons and some friends they have staying here with them. Jus hope they dont start trying to pick up the local girls after a few beers .....!!!

Tigger woke me at 5am today and has been out had his breakfast while i had a coffee and sat and wrote to you all .... now he’s back and thinks he can lay on me and go back to sleep ..... and I will just chuck my laptop to one side and cuddle him !!!! Im so used by my animals !! .......But Id better do as Im told or I will be made to suffer all day Go on who can resist a cat in need of a cuddle ?? not me ....

So love to you all and speak soon
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Hi everyone yes happy n well ...Hubby gone now and no we got hardly any of the house work done we said we would , too busy in the garden and waiting for builders who never come .

here is a copy of  this weeks news letter to my friends, Chris  I think this will make you happy ;)


I have begun to lose track of time here now as it goes so fast. All summer I have wanted to get down to the SPA which is the local Dog and cat recue centre to do some volunteering , but having Dave here and having so much to do to house and garden time flew by and there was never a spare day. Well last week I heard there was to be a British market in aid of the dogs home on Sunday so I went to give my support Boo came too. As we entered there was a lady standing with a dog beside a person I knew as we talked I noticed Boo and this dog touch noses and have a sniff , I was surprised as normally she shy's away and hides behind me when other dogs are around as all who know her well know she doesn't think she is a dog instead she thinks she’s part human, part cat, part foot washer and part precious princess!!!!!

I moved on to talk to others, and found out a number of the dogs there were dogs from the centre who were looking for homes , Now I was under strict instructions by Dave not to come home with a dog, and while talking about volunteering I realised that its a long drive to the centre and back which would mean leaving Boo at home alone all-day which she hates , so a new plan was hatched I would foster a dog , he is not mine and they would continue to look for a home for him and pay his vets bills, mean while he is being trained , walked and given a home to live in so he doesn't become unfit to home. Plus the main thing being he is loved and as he is elderly kept warm in the winter, they have a number of elderly dogs who are difficult to home as every one wants young and pretty dogs, so I thought it would save petrol money and time to foster ,while still doing some thing in a small way. I spoke to the lady in charge and she told me there was one there who was desperate for a home and took me out to meet him , funny thing was it was the dog Boo had spoken to on the way in ....Doggy (not my choice of name but it kind of suits him as he is very doggy) http://www.dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk/ he is nine years old, short, tubby. and is a living water pistol , if the was a Olympic games for peeing this boy would have a gold medal. He is white with black spots and some big black areas as well and a black head with grey muzzle. I will try to get some pic’s on before I send this email. So I went to meet him properly and let Boo and him have some time together to make sure there would be no fighting on the Tuesday, they were fine walked together nicely , then they took him in to the cat section to see how he was with cats and he just laid they and left them alone , so I signed the paper work and popped both dogs into the back of the car ..... !! He sat in the back with Boo as if he had always been there , no trouble at all. We got home and I thought a walk to the lac first before I took him to the house would be a good Idea to tire him out before meeting Tigger.... In the house he was fine , walked in straight to the water bowl had a drink popped up on to the sofa and fell asleep, Boo got up beside him and slept as well. Tea time came and in walks tigger wanting his dinner , I opened the door , he stood there and sniffed and knew straight away there was another dog in the house. Doggy lifted his head to look but stayed on the sofa and tigger marched stiffed legged to his bowl looking miffed ..... after his dinner he sat on the dining room table to get a good view of this dog and gave him his beady eye look. one eye half closed and the other arched.......he then moved around to the stair case to get a higher view, soon got bored and went up to bed . He was good as gold all night sleeping on the sofa didn't hear a peek out of him. I came down at 7am and he was so excited to see me he did a little pee on the floor , I told him no in my best strict voice put his lead on and took him straight out where he peed for Britain. Came back and we all had breakfast , Tigger was cool with it all , but I noticed he didn't join us as he normally would for our first walk of the day around the field. Not sure how much he could walk as he seemed to have a bit of a stiff leg , I set out for a short walk which took about hour n half but no steep hills just a gentle stroll. he was fine after a quick nap he was up and ready to go again in the afternoon. So we went to the lac for a paddle and a stroll around it. An hour tops .... I wasn't to sure if he would run away if I let him of the lead , so I tried him in the field on a long rope , and he is just like Boo , to get them back all I have to do is open my arms call his name and make happy jolly noises and he comes running for a cuddle. That evening again he slept through the evening , just to get up for a pee before bedtime , and was good all night , Next day another excited pee on the floor again I just said no and took him out side , we did our morning walk around the field still no tigger. Then after breakfast set out to walk to Castans, hour n half there and another back. We visited a friend for a drink and he was very good in her house and garden , she was amazed by how relaxed and laid back he was and how well he got on with Boo. She told me to let him off the lead in the garden as it was well fenced and he came back each time he was called. again after we got home he had a nap but was ready for a walk in the afternoon to the lac for a paddle. I took him to cafe by the lac for a beer (me not him) and there was lots of dogs there , so while Boo did her normal , hide me mum I so scared routine , doggy introduced him self to all his new neighbours very friendly with them all . He really was being a little star and I'm very impressed by him. Next morning...No pee I was so proud of him , lots of praise but still got him out quickly to be sure. our morning field walk there was Tigger following us as normal, so I guess Tigger has excepted him although still hasn't sat on the sofa with him yet as he would Boo. I had to wait for a friend who was popping up for a coffee, So I set too some house work and like Boo he sat on the sofa and just watched no problem with the hoover , but had to follow me like Boo every time I went out of sight. By 11am we set off for a walk and I thought lets try him with no lead , so we went into the forest away from all the roads and I let him off , he was perfect, we passed a man jogging with dog, a woman on a horse and 2 deer , each time I called him back and he came (in fact don't tell Boo this but he is better than her at coming back quickly) We did a massive 5 hour walk about 12 km by time we got back he was happy but flagging a little, slept till I made him go out for a pee at 9pm. then slept all night, this morning still no pee and we set out at nine with our lunch to walk to the pic which is a hard walk for me n boo but I thought if we took lunch we could sit for a while , which we did , we found a stream had some lunch while the dogs drank and paddled then made our way back went straight to the lac for a swim , like boo he,s not that happy about getting in but like her the further I went out the more desperate he came to wanting to be near me they soon came in. We were all tired when we got back and all 3 of us were snoring on the sofa by 5pm !!! Tomorrow its a day of rest for dogs !!! as I want to cut grass and do some digging , so they will be hitched up to the long rope to lie in the field while I work, although I'm sure we will fit a short morning walk in and a walk to the lac later for a swim.

So that's Doggy the new man in my life with the saddest little face and big brown eyes that water a little which makes him look like he has a tear in his eye , who could not fall for him. I think Boo has ........ He has a funny habit of watching Boo pee then doing a little pee where she has... how romantic is that He is good while I eat no hanging around the table begging unlike some dogs not far from my computer as I type ....

Not much else has happened this week the weather has been great as normal,l met a couple of nice people one who is here on holiday staying with a friend who lives down the mountain, she is coming back in Nov with a view to buy a house here in the village as she has fallen in love with the area , The other was a professional biker !! she was American and him French, he has a house in the village , but they travel a lot with there riding they had a dog called fire which was how I met them at the lac as suddenly I had 3 dogs instead of 2 and she came to get him back .

Oh in between all the walking I have been painting the bedroom to get rid of the dark blue ...its now cream but only half done but so much lighter already must get on and finish it. trouble is I keep thinking while the weather is nice I’ll go for a walk, trouble is its been nice since I got here in May hence why not much is getting done . Ah well it will soon be winter .

Well its late here now so I must be getting some sleep... I can hear snoring in unison coming from down stairs and tigger grunting away to him self here beside side me so I shall join them ...

Hope everyone is happy n well ..... speak soon
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Yes, that has made me feel very happy Pads.  Good for you and a great example of how wonderful and easy an older dog can be, adapting and fitting in so well as if he had always been there.  How long had he been at the refuge?  Aren't you much happier now than you were without him?  And that's saying a lot as you were already so happy before!   [:D]

Really looking forward to seeing photos of Doggy.  How funny that Boo had already chosen him before you did!

What about the missing cat.  Is he still around under the caravan?

A bientôt chez McDo.


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Just met JJ for coffee he will be along later with photos and hopfully tell you what loverly little chap he is ......

V .... Just waiting for hubby to arrive home in Nov to fall in love too then Im sure he will become a full member of our house hold.

Speak soon xxxx

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As is my position in life, I just do as I am told to do by the higher race, women??? (you gota say that or you get nagged half to death [:-))])

 At long last we managed to meet up for a coffee this morning after a bit of market shopping and we met Doggy. He's a lovely little perisher and I can see why Pads was 'conned' into the arrangement and I don't really think it's going to be a temp one???


And the two of them complete


Shame that we didn't have a bit more time to spend and that we couldn't take our chocolat lab Celé. She is showing her 14 + years now bless her.

I tried to load these photos into my photobucket earlier but the just wouldn't load. Now, the same files have loaded with no problems? Don't you just love PCs Microsoft or Mac sometimes!!!

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He has settled in so well he has fast become family and so cute , He had his fist face wash from the cat the other evening so he was honoured !!!

Plus he was bit of a hero the other day with friends walking by the lac to the resturant for dinner we spotted swallows diving across the surface of the water when one made a mistake and fell in the water , he didnt seem able to get out with his wings spread on the surface, while we all decided what to do about it , doggy waded in and brought him out to us in his mouth so gently, everyone was so impressed  ....... But then when out walking in the mountains with same friends he started to dig in the ground and came up with a big fat mole , which was terrified, he did let go after a while and it ran away but it took a good shaking first.Poor thing.

I will try to get more photos of him soon.  

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I'm glad that I'm not around Doggy at the mo or he would be digging up a gofa? ME [:-))]

As I always do as I'm told here is a photo sent to me by Pads of her aminals in her feild (Please understand, I'm onlie posting this, not doing the spelling 'cause I never make mastikes?)


Looks like there could be a couple of bums hanging out there with Doggie [6]

Nice photo Pads..

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Many Thanks for that JJ Nice to know I have one man under my thumb !!!!! 8)......

Not a great photo but t shows how fast all 3 have become friends they all charge around chasing each other like 3 dogs.

I have so many new pics of him but its so hard with limited Mcdo space to send them but will get more on soon.


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