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From what I can make out she's tiled the cat and knocked the floor down along with walking the legs off poor old Barloo. Made the fiels 20 foot wider by cutting half the branches off the trees lining it while they had nowt to do!

I would assume that she is now on tinterweb because she e-mailed me and said that she had to go and get OHs cuppa koffee made? They probably wouldn't let her do that at a Mc DoooDooos. Just a supposition on my part though 'cause  I wouldn't put  it past her [6]

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Sorry no not on internet yet only weekly visits toMac do ....no I dont eat there , just lurk in the carpark ;)

Got and lost cat im afraid .... mind you we have serch parties out and posters everywhere for him so I hope he finds his way back as he was with us for 3 weeks and getting on well with tigger and boo so its a real shame , he had sat on a open window ledge alday then ran way in the evening when the door was opened ....If we dont find him here i have a feeling he may be making his way back to the rescue centre so lynn may yet find him i hope.

Many walls painted , tiles and ciment brought but job not done yet . As other jobs to do before the tiles go down.

Its just so hot here the lac calls me everyday , but will be back on here soon with more news  

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Christine, I have bounced your link onto Dotty by text. I'll post her reply when I get it. I'm not too sure that they have mobile reception there? You should do, you could stand on the HUGE antenna and chuck rocks at their house, well nearly [:-))]

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[quote user="NormanH"]"Its just so hot here the lac calls me everyday"
I threatened you with the sun just before you moved [:D]

Hope you find your cat

Do you go to my lac at pradelles? were you the nice man with the canoe the other day ?

Chris ...yes we have looked everywhere Im amazed at how kind everyone in the village is , they are all looking out for him even walkers and campers here on holiday have come to ask if we have found him yet . Also many of the chasse have said they have looked in there buildings and while they work ... Im still hoping he may make his way back from where I got him.

John not got any text's from you at all , I have sent you some but from my old sim so I may have your wrong /old number . try texng me again on my english mobile number .

copy of news to friends

Hi All.....

Another week has passed some of which have reached over 40 on our Terrace which is a sun trap . But I have of coarse been far to busy to sit in the sun !! I have been painting, finally the guest room is done and it looks so nice and clean until Dave starts dumping stuff back in there .....He will be doing it with broken fingers !! Also the back wall of the out side has nearly had one coat ... now some one told me French paint was bad but I never realised how bad until I used my first tin on this wall. It was a massive tin and cost 50e !!! I thought it would easily cover the small back wall of the house but no it didn't and its so thin you can still see the wall through it , so another 50e and I can finish the first coat and do a thin second coat so hopefully it will look painted at least when I'm done as I'm not buying another tin at that price. thankfully I came armed with enough English paint for the inside of the house . The bathroom has got no further mainly because the next move is to take shower out and if any thing goes wrong fitting the new one and we have no shower for a few days in this heat we wont be happy bunnies .... Although I have full confidence in Dave as he has done many before , he’s worried he doesn't have the right tools over here and the fact that the bathroom floor is solid concrete so it all has to go back to the same plumbing as before no room to move it at all.

Still taking my daily dip in the lac i need it after a days work, yesterday I met a nice old English chap who was teaching a young French lad how to use a canoe, and they let me have a go , never been in one before , it was great fun and I want one now , hard work keeping it going straight , but it would be great upper arm work out I think , get rid of these flabby chicken wings that have appeared since I became 50 !!!

I'm constantly distracted from my work by some of the most amazing bugs n beetles they come is all shapes sizes and colours here and always seem to want to be where I'm working !! Bet they are MEN ones always under my feet !! Also the amount of butterflies here is incredible and lizards, toads the size of footballs ..... Its Pamela heaven here, I often think of my self as a old Gerald Durrell from my family and other animals, so you can see why the jobs are getting done slowly. Dave has done a fantastic job on the shutters which are now lavender to match my lavender plants in the garden. He has finished the garden side and now has the front of the house to do which is garage doors and 2 massive shutters that are high up. the builder has promised to come and help him take them down as it will need a few men I think as they are big. Still the garage doors will keep him busy for a while lots of sanding needed there. He has also been strimming in the field (anything to stay away from the bathroom ) and constantly on the mend of the fly nets as Tigger has decided they can be walked through so everyone of the expensive fly window net frames he made now have Tigger sized holes in them all . He is funny ... If Tigger is wanting to go out then Tigger goes out and no bit of netting is going to stop him !!!! Poor Dave pulls his hair out over it .

Still no sign of poor Jasper , but I have been amazed by people in the village who have read the posters and come over to say they are keeping an eye out , even some of the local hunters who have a bad name for shooting cats in France have stopped cars as they drive past to say they have been looking . Lots of local kids and kids from the camp site have said they are looking and I have had many a not happy cat dragged from its afternoon snooze to be presented at my door,black ones,tabby ones,white ones and some times even ginger ones but none of them Jasper. Even through there is a massive photo of him on the posters . Ah Well............. I just hope he is enjoying his freedom he certainly has lots to feed off around here with all the barns an fields to hunt in. I have never had a cat who didn't want to live with me before normally they are lining up outside to come in. Dave and I were saying just the other evening how spoil our animals are , as we were squeezed onto one cushion of the one sofa , while Tigger had the whole other cushion to himself and boo had the whole other sofa to her self .... Still how can you move them while they are sleeping I could never be that mean

Cherries and apricots are in abundance in the shops at the mo my 2 favourite fruits, My neighbour and the local farmer have also been bringing me loads so I have been halving , destoning and freezing them all as you can only keep them for a few days in this heat but i will have plenty for my smoothies in the winter . or stewed on top of yogurt later when they aren't around any more. Do you have any Idea how long it takes to to de-stone a crate of cherry and apricots??? ages

I really must get some thing done with my hair , as I look like a mad woman... been hacking and chopping eveytime itgetshot and its all sun bleached and grey roots nearly as long as the cloured bits. yet to try a French hairdresser but they cant do a worse job than it looks now. Also badly need my legs waxing , I must find time and spend a day pampering my self.

Well its now half five in the morning and the sun is nearly up, so I'm off to make some coffee and maybe a P/Nut butter Kit Kat and then walk Boo before it gets to hot for her . I love the early mornings here its so quiet and a day seems so full of promise ....

We still have done nothing about phone or internet ....ah one day. So my emails will all be sent at once on our next trip out to civilisation .....Oh OK Mac Donald's can you call it that ??? and no I don't eat there just lurk in the car park for free Wi-Fi. We generally go once a week so replies may be slow in coming back to you ..... But I do miss you all and will come down from my mountain soon and see you all again I promise

Lots of Love Pamela Dave Boo Tigger n Toliver ....xx xx x
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Good news just yesterday we spotted jasper in our field , it looks like he has made a home in some straw under a old caravan. he ran off when he spotted me , but I will spend some time sat in the field talking to him with some nice smelly food and see if he will come to me .

Been spending the week weeding and clearing many years of mud off a very old stone path that leads from the old ice house to the road , it is now stunning to look at and I have to wonder how old it is .....

Been swimming loads and avoiding drunk women ...thankfully it seems she is asleep most of the day now.

The village was invaded by the army 2 days ago which was a bit of a shock walking up the lane with my dog, watching men with guns , protecting all the gate ways !!! but I guess it was just training for them.

House jobs not getting done much because of the flipping sunshine ;) it keeps dragging me out to the garden !!

Still some one has to do it ....

Still not had chance to get down to visit the smelly old man down the hill but will go and annoy him soon ;))

 Take care all xx

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[quote user="Christine Animal"]

What good news about Jasper, that's a relief.  Looking forward to next week's installment.  Also what's an "ice house" ?

Drunk woman, smelly old man.   [blink]   Never a dull moment!   [:D]



It's a house you keep ice in CA [6]

It really is. Normally an underground building, lined with stone. In the winter you cut ice, from the local lake for instance, and it's stored in the 'house'. If it's a good one the ice will last most of the summer and the gentry could enjoy ice cream and ice in their Ricard [8-|]

Good news about Jasper! I used to know a song about Sir Jasper, but better not on here [6]

The lovely 'lady of the lake' is obviously attracted to you by your hair style P[:-))]

Norman, pray tell, to save me reading Pads previous book. What connection to me do you refer to? [8-)] Just curious? And I want to be ready if she decides to get violent [;-)]

On second thoughts and also second reading, I'll have you know that I only fall into the 'old man' bit of that! I have a shower, in fact 2, in Betadine just before my hand operation on May 26th! [:P][:P]

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Thank you for the info.  I guessed what Pads must have meant, but had never heard of this before, amazing that the ice could be kept for so long.

Are there many ice houses around there, did all the homes by the lake have one?


"During the winter, ice and snow would be taken into the ice house and packed with insulation, often straw or sawdust. It would remain frozen for many months, often until the following winter, and could be used as a source of ice during summer months. The main application of the ice was the storage of perishable foods, but it could also be used simply to cool drinks, or allow ice-cream and sorbet desserts to be prepared."




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Been spending the week weeding and clearing many years of mud off a very old stone path that leads from the old ice house to the road , it is now stunning to look at and I have to wonder how old it is .....


Wonder if the "path" might actually be a run-off for melting ice/water, Pads?

Hope you post a picture soon so we can admire your handiwork!

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Don't expect too much of a photo though Loiseau [6]


It's all right, she's back up 'er wet 'ill now till next time [:-))][:-))] Then I'm in trouble ?

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