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Sharon Osborne...Good role model???


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[quote user="cooperlola"]

I do find standard 12 bar "pop" music a bit dull in general, but then I always did.


Do you mean 12 bar blues Cooper? Because that's rarely, if ever, used in pop music. But it IS the basis for nearly all the great rock music we love.

I think the only 12 bar blues to ever get to no1 was the Stone's version of Little Red Rooster.

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[quote user="raindog"][quote user="Gluestick"]

P.S. I am also deeply jealous 'cos his younger bro. who lives in the States recently brought him over a top range Gibson Les Paul Special: and mine isn't so grand!

One of my sons plays a mean blues. He's got a Mexican Strat and an Ibanez.[:)]


My Strat is an early 70s Japanese re-issue. As well as the les Paul I also have a Hayman 1010, which was the last decent british guitar Burns/Vox made as Dallas Music Industries in the early 70s before he went bust: again!

I still have regrets about selling my early 60s original Maple necked Strat in 1968: needed the cash as was a proud new dad!

Apart from an interesting acoustic jumbo (Echo) I also have an early 60s Burns Jazz guitar. Now in bits waiting patiently awaiting restoration.

Some great names from the past: Strawbs (I still love the Grave New World album); dear old Joe Brown. Saw him live in the early 80s with his lovely late wife.

Bought a massive John Lee-Hooker CD Set a couple of years ago: the new Eagles album is spiffing good.

Being an old unreformed rocker [:D] I still like to listen to much older naive music such as Johnny Kidd: Mickey Green's lead riffs were and still are fantasic.

One of the first gigs I ever played was at the Hornchurch Youth Centre, in Essex. It became a regular weekly session. After four weeks or so we had a guest band over from Dagenham: a bloke who worked as a butcher led his band and it was called the Tremeloes. I still prefer Brian Poole's version of Twist and Shout!

Anyone remember an effects band from the early 70s called Quintessence?

And, what about the original ELO? And the clever Jeff Lyn.

One of our local barbers was a young bloke called Pete Wiltsher: he turned out to be the top pedal steel guitarist in Europe!

Victor Stanshaw (not Stanshall) was also a local nutter: later of course he formed Bonzodog.

Many of the original members of Temperance Seven hailed from the area, too: I used to enjoy a beer a few years ago with the banjoist: and Mrs Gluey used to travel up to town with his sister!

Really dragging up the memories here!



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Great story, Artsole...

Raindog, no, you're not the only one. That was done as a tribute to George Harrison, who deserved far more recognition than McCartney in the post-Beatle period (though the Lennon and Macca partnership was one of those that really worked). Joe Brown and George were, apparently, great friends.

Richard Thompson. There's a guitarist who, in my opinion, out-Claptons Clapton. What you might call a musician's musician. But no relation to the great bass (that's my instrument) player Danny. Talking of the Cropredy crowd, Dave Mattacks used to regularly play drums with the local jazzers at our local in England.

Edit: Stanshall - now you're talking. Talking of Bonzos and Temperance Seven, have you seen Bill Posters Will Be Banned? Consists of many of the remaining members of both.


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I've been following this thread and have noticed several things: on the musical front most of you seem to be on a different plane to me, as a teenager I was much more into soul, pop and dance and dare I say it, didn't like the Who, the Stones, I was in love with Peter Frampton and David Essex and had their pictures from 'Jackie' mag all over my bedroom wall. Maybe its an age/ girlie thing!

The other thing is: you all seem only remember the men! weren't their any great women? what about Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin, Dion Warwick....?

By the way I quite like Sharon Osborne [:-))] most of the time, as an entertainer anyway [Www]


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Ah, Will, Danny Thompson (who apparently is continually being asked how he gets it under his chin - does this happen to you?).  I once saw him do a solo spot - pretty difficult when you play the base, imo - as support to Sandy Denny. 

Jacqui, I've never been a Stones fan either but then again I don't like the Beatles - even though they were the first live band I saw - so I'm definately a bit weird. 

Alvin Lee and Robert Plant were more likely to be found on my walls... (My, I do miss seeing a decent head of hair on a man!)  As for women, I think I was into Melanie at the time (remember her?) - did a much better version of Ruby Tuesday than the Stones [Www] - and Joni Mitchell is still one of the greats, as far as I am concerned.

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Jon agrees with you about Dionne Warick and Dusty she was amazing.....she sang with so much feeling.

Peter Frampton......yes I liked Peter...the Herd......boys I am pretty certain that he played guitar!Seen him do so.

Queen...before they were Queen....they had a stall in Ken market and played their forst gig at The Royal colege of Art.I liked Freddie when he was less flamboyant....infact massievly shy.Jaqui it is not a girlie thing its about different tastes.

Sharon can be good to watch and gentle when she is in a good mood.....


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[quote user="Gluestick"]

Bought a massive John Lee-Hooker CD Set a couple of years ago: the new Eagles album is spiffing good.

Being an old unreformed rocker [:D] I still like to listen to much older naive music such as Johnny Kidd: Mickey Green's lead riffs were and still are fantasic.[/quote]

Yes, Mickey Green was great.
I don't like the Eagles but I love Joe Walsh - have a look at this - 32 years after he wrote it!


   "If  I'd known I was going to have to sing this song for the rest of my life I'dda probably written something else. Too late now - you're stuck with it"   LOL

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Totally agree about the great Aretha. Warwick wasn't bad but a bit samey; thanks to Baccarach. That said her "Do you know the road to San Jose" always reminds me of the great six weeks I spent there.

Perhaps it's a bloke thing, but I've always preferred player/singers, with a few exceptions: like Joe Cocker, Eric Burdon and really anyone with "Punch".

Georgie Fame has been mentioned: he was a regular at a local club when he was with the Blue Flames.

Dusty, well a good voice but commercial stuff.

Met that doyen of the "pool" sound a few years ago: Gerry Marsden. He was awfully fat and bloated and could hardly walk. Sad. Good band in their time.

Gloria Gayner was and is still a belter. "I will survive" must surely be a standard? I've always appreciated the instrumental backing and the clever background counter melodies.


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Someone bought me tickets for a Gerry Marsden concert a couple of years ago. As Gerry said himself 'pacemakers' has taken on a whole new meaning now.

My abiding memory of the evening is being dazzled by the reflection from the high number of bald heads in the audience.

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[quote user="Jacqui Too "]

[quote user="artsole"]ah but jacqui too..........................they didn't play guitar[;-)][/quote]

Ah but these do    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pY-rPDwzM9M&feature=related

My mum would let me stay up on a Sunday night to watch them at The Palladium [:)]


I was a Shadows fan when I was a kid. I had the first album with the photo on the cover where they're all wearing chunky colourfull sweaters. I got my oldest sis to knit me one just like the one Bruce Welch was wearing. [:D]

A few years ago I read Bob Geldoff's autobiography and apparently he got his mam to make the very same sweater. It gave me this immage of mams and sisters all over the uk knitting copies of the Bruce Welch sweater.

Apache was the first single I ever bought as a wee bairn.

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