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A merry Christmas (not!) from URSAAF.


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If they are true to form then nothing will happen, certainly now acknowledgements however not recieving any mise en recouvrement (their default position) should be viewed as positive.


They cashed the cheque that I sent them which at least is proof they recieved my letter without having to pay for LRAR.


In 2 weeks time I am going to submit my appeal to the CRA.


I feel for the thousands of French who will be tearing their hair out, probably waiting for a response to their request to étaler the paiement which will never come, probably right now trying to find the money from family and friends.


Give it a couple of months and there will be loads of people with bank accounts frozen for money that they dont even owe.

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For what it's worth.....

I had contacted URSAAF  before the demand came through and was told to email them once the demand came through if I disagreed. As soon as the demand arrived, I sent the email and on Dec 27 received an email accusé de réception saying that the demand would be reviewed. Last week, after several attempts I got through by phone to a conseiller to be told that they had so many contestations that the Jan 19 deadline for payment had been suspended for those who had submitted them.

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