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Low energy lightbulbs


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Not in offices and workshops, factories etc.

"Natural Daylight" achieved mainly by fluorescent tubes tends towards white: as does Halogen.

And I would suggest that commercial and industrial usage of electricity for lighting consumes rather more than residential dwellings.

As I did suggest previously.

These seem to be yellow.........................................



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[quote user="teapot"]Yes, not bright yellow but towards the yellow end of the spectrum not the blue end, sorry I did not make myself clear.[/quote]

As the article pointed out (well, the Prof did in fact which is rather more valid!), if sufficient volition existed and necessary funding, the rapid achievment of perfectly acceptable Very Long Life LED (or other type of EMF stimulated light emission: I gather scientists are experimenting with various natural vegetable and animal substances as well as plankton and various fishlife chemicals!) could solve the problem.

Instead, as always, we have a typical governmental knee jerk lacking in engineering and science input.

Which was very much the point I made previously.


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Wondered if fact that the 2 main manufacturers of these products are a German and a Dutch multinational has any bearing on the change of EU law? The incadescant bulbs are made mainly in the Taiwan. Just a thought...................I'm not suggested they lobbied to change EU law in their favourWink [;-)]


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[quote user="Tandem_Pilot"][quote user="teapot"]It has been a popular option to fill our heads with mercury amalgum for years and they are still doing it.[/quote]

Yes, but http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/mercury.html [8-)]


Thanks for that Tandem_Pilot, very interesting, My dentist said with the amount of amalgum in my mouth I would be a mad as a hatter before long [:)] So my madness must be down to something else[Www]

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