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could of, would of, should of


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I really find it hard to understand how so many do not understand how to use the apostrophe.

Quick lesson:

either when it's a word contraction        it is = it's,     can't  don't   wouldn't    etc.

or when it's possessive                           Joe's shirt,    a year's pay etc.    not needed - the dog's kennel - the dog is in its kennel

I have noticed dont, cant, when it was meant to be don't and can't, as well as misuse of the apostrophe on this forum recently, and it is so easy !

And, I am not a member of the "Apostrophe Protection Society" !


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I recently got really grumpy about a (repeat) BBC Horizon programme "The President's Guide to Science" in which the wretched presenter (Helen McRory) kept saying "nucular" instead of "nuclear". Grrrr!

Its only saving grace was when a scary-looking Richard Dawkins said in a taking-no-prisoners moment "Anyone who doesn't accept evolution is ignorant, stupid or insane".
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JR, you'll just have to be "J.R. has gone native" - then neither Lynn Truss nor the software will mind.[:)]

Thanks to all for your lose v loose tips - I like Cat's idea that lose has lost an o - I may very well remember that.  I'm not sure if I want to think about your stools, Sweets!

The problem is that I know very well there's a difference but normally I'm b*gg*red if I can remember which is which.[:-))]

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[quote user="powerdesal"]Guilty as charged, because sometimes I cant be bothered and then dont care.  [:P]


As is your wont.

That's a cant, if ever there was one, (Cant as in: stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition. Not as in: a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)!).
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Just being (pernickity) (pernickaty) (pernicity) awkward, but is it, as I was taught, Good night from Jeremy & I, or me?

I was taught at school, one always said () and I, not me!

Also, the sign painted on the shop opposite mine, by a signwriter says, 'News & Stationary'!!! It should be stationery - 'cos its moving not staying put!! arghhh.. I have to look at that every day.

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It's "me" because it is after a preposition and not the subject of the sentence.

You wouldn't say "goodnight from I" ,would you"

Oh, god, there should be a question mark in there somewhere but im bugg*****d if i can be bothered where to put it.

and this new computer won't put in the capital letters for me but i do know where they should be - honest!
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