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So George Soros predicts that UK will end up going cap in hand to the IMF whilst Moron still clings to his protestations that UK is well placed to weather the recession.

Well I think I know who I place more credibility in and whilst I have no wish to see this happen and think it would be devastating for UK and Sterling if it did come to it I would still derive enormous pleasure in seeing the one eyed Scottish idiot so completely humiliated and finally exposed for what he is [:'(]

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Interestingly, Little Ern, this was my own forecast late last year, too!

If one considers the now rapidly diminishing tax take Treasury is now suffering, the rapidly increasing further drain on benefits as unemployment zooms towards the probable 3 million level (bearing in mind it is not just JSA but a raft of other even more costly payments including Housing benefit paying mortgage interest and etc) and government borrowing expected to reach a previously unheard of level of circa £250 Billion, it must be considered inevitable!

Yet despite all this, NuLab is still behaving like an octupus with a money tree: scattering billions all over the place as if there is no tomorrow.

Of course, all Godron was trying vainly to do was create a continuum of his flawed "Miracle Economy" and retain credibility.

For me, perhaps the absolutely worst element of all this, was Government trying to persaude young first time buyers to plunge in to the property market via shared ownership and other plans (aimed at getting the housing market moving again) when property values were still falling and set to fall another probable 20+%.

Not only unconscionable politics but a hugely cynical ploy guaranteed to ensure youngsters saddle themselves with major debt to acquire a rapidly depreciating asset.


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A scary scenario ...  and I too could see this coming and said so quite some time ago.

But, I would have thought that the burgeoning population  - 70 million predicted by 2020  on our already  massively overcrowded islands, and will presumably  need homes, will cause rising property prices- eventually.   NuLab also made clear that the UK needed this population increase.   A new city -  every year ,   larger than the size of Southampton !

For those of us old enough to remember this is the second time Labour has messed up and needed the IMF.   Tax and spend is the mantra for them,  as they have no idea of basic economics.  Nor of much else either.




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