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Auto Censorship

Dick Smith

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  • 2 weeks later...

[quote]But can they be beaten?[/quote]

Oh yes they can........................1/4 finals last year of a certain European Champions Cup.

This year, well I have to say yes, many teams have improved a fair bit from last year, we shall see................ 

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[quote]2heads - your auto-censored post had 6 asterisks, not 4. Did you type c o k e r or c o c o nuts?Russethouse - the only anagrams of c o c o that I can come up with are oocc, occo, ccoo, ococ or cooc = ...[/quote]

I typed c o c o nut... yes, I noticed that there were more asterisks than letters but just assumed that the software didn't want the more sensitive members to guess by counting letters what dreadful word had been obscured. However, having just previewed this note before posting, it's even weirder than that.


...when *not* preceded by a space is okay

******onut when preceded by a space causes 6 asterisks.

so [space]coc seems to be the problem.


Anyway, it's Sunday, it's sunny and I'm going out to get a life as obsessing over space-coconuts doesn't seem a balanced way to spend my day!

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