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Coops & Christine

Wouldn't know where to start to use an avatar.  Just as well perhaps.  I have a picture of a very active, fit, SLIM woman in a sort of judo suit on my email and I would love to use that.  However, would feel a bit of a fraud and, anyway, wouldn't know how to get it on here.  Still, don't they say that the best pictures are in your imagination?  So.................you'd all have to IMAGINE what I'm really like!

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I know I am late with this post but here goes . I think if you have not resized your photo to about 100k the avatar upload and save button on the bottom of the page just ignores your request without even telling you that you are being daft. Hold your cursor over the picture in photo bucket to see how big it is.

I could be wrong as I have been known to be daft myself sometimes.


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