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Re: Forum problems


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From Tim at Archant IS over the last few days:

To cut a long story short and spare you as many of the technical

details as possible, the forum database had encountered a number of

problems with index corruption which was severely impacting forum

performance; specifically anything that involved adding new records to

the database.

As a result you will have seen slow posting, slow login/out, slow moderation, and slow post deletions.


resolved the index problems, and also rolled out a number of

performance-orientated configuration changes on the loadbalancer

systems - all of which have hopefully produced a performance increase

across the forums.


We're also looking at deploying 4 additional webservers to bolster our

server farm in the next couple of weeks. [...] We've been moving a few bits and pieces around to better distribute

load between our servers until the new machines become available.


One of our storage systems encountered an error this morning and

decided to take itself (and our sites) offline rather than

automatically switching to another unit...

A severity-1/critical support case is open with the supplier concerned

for urgent investigation [...]

IS and Forum Admin are aware of the current problems.

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