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There's two Richard's on this forum

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Just hopped onto the forum to see 'I' had posted a response to a Tax D'Habitation post at 9:37 this morning in the French Finance section.

Bizarre, I thought, as I was sound asleep at the time.

Turns out that there's another user with exactly the same username as me.

How is this possible?

I must admit, I have changed my username from LyndaandRichard to just Richard about 5 months ago, but I would have thought 'computer says no' would have come up to say to pick another username as this is already taken.

A small glitch in the system?
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Richard - This has happened before with Lily and Panda and Rose.  See following threads:




Incidentally, a punctuation lesson! 

Wrong: There's two Richard's on this forum.

Right: There are two Richards on this forum.

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[quote user="Frenchie"]Why?  ( so many whys , Mr Coeur de Lion ! [:)] )[/quote]

Maybe 20 years is a little extreme, but I don't expect it to sell anytime soon.

PS Cathy, thanks for the grammar lesson. Normally I'm a bit of a spelling & grammar nazi myself, not sure how those two basic errors got through :)
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You are right Mr Coeur de Lion ( by the way I think your username sounds really classy now!!)[:)]

Chin up, you seem to be ready to bite into the new year , that's great!

Le bon coin is an internet site, leboncoin.fr , really good, I tell thee !!

I bought and sold many items from there, and found my house on it!

Have a lovely day.

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