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[quote user="Quillan"]Frenchie - you won't get an email notification that you have a PM so you will have to login and look in your PM's manually to see if you have any.[/quote]


[8-)] really ?.. I sent a PM to a couple of people a few weeks back and did get notifications on both the PM in my Email box.


and I too have had no notifications of subsequent posts in any of the threads I had posted, certainly since last Friday. I thought it was only me and went to moither poor Russethouse. Sorry [:$] 



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Well, having seen this thread I thought I'd just check my pm's.  I don't get thread notifications because that option is switched off but I am usually told about pm's.  However this morning I've found three in my inbox which I have not been informed about so clearly something has been up!  Thanks for flagging this up or I'd never have looked.
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