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red leggo brick


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Are you using Firefox?

Sometimes firefox disables Java because of security vulnerabilities (it could equally be Adobe Flash or Adobe reader)

The best thing to do is go to the plugins bit in firefox and update all the plugins to the latest versions that are compatible with your version of firefox, it should tell you which ones have been turned of anyway so maybe you only need to update those.

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My Patf, you brought back some bad memories of what I call 'legoitis' when I saw what this thread was called. 

The cause of legoitis is the damage to a parent's bare feet after going to a sick or distressed child during the night, when one or three lego have not been picked up........ sod's law saying that in the dark, it is inevitable that one always stands on one or two........and my did it hurt.

As it happens I have never had a red leggo thing on here though.

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[quote user="Hereford"]I use Firefox and have never had this problem - I thought it checked for all compatible add-ons??[/quote]

There are add-ons (sort-off "optional extras" created within Firefox) and plugins (created outside of Firefox), which make things like videos and games run better.

Firefox checks add-ons for compatibility and updates, but plugins updates are down to the user.

They need to be checked regularly.

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