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Diddie ? I'm not a diddie. According to your wife I am 'cute and cuddly'. Well I guess some of us have it and some don't.

That place is a niche forum for people who live in France and like the colour green. That would explain why there are only three people there.

I have to read that forum wearing shades. Seriously. What is it with the green business ?

When you get banned from that forum, what to they do ??? They turn your name 'green'. They could have thought of another colour FFS. LOL.
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I mostly go by my own name. Except for Gransnet, which I changed recently to something more anonymous. Many members there were very upset to find that their contributions had been posted on Facebook etc, and even a few in the dreaded Daily Mail.

Warnings are given on most forums that contents are open for anyone to read, and copy.

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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"][quote user="Théière"]I just wondered if some suffered from multiple personality disorders.  Maybe the rest just suffer from nothing to do in france now disorder


Or nothing to do in the UK disorder.

I was reading the very green French forum net today.

There is teapot over there being quite busy.


Oh I have lots to do everywhere, doesn't mean I am going to sit down and do it all [:D]

I have just taken a break from trying to carry out simple tasks in Win10 that could have been accomplished in XP/7 in just a blink of an eye!!  Can you make win10 behave like it's 7?  cos I am just about done with 10.

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[quote user="BritinBretagne"]As they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.[/quote]

This old dog would happily sink his teeth into the genitalia of the win 10 designers [:D]

Back on the old PC, I sorted out what I wanted to do in 30-40 seconds, that's what I wanted to do, not what win10 thinks I want or should do!

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