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Hello everyone, hoping you have all had a great Christmas.

I am trying to get the Forum link downloaded to my mobile phone. Problem is, the password that I use for the laptop access isn't recognised by the CompleteFrance system ..... and when I ask to change that password, it tells me my Email address is invalid.

very frustrating in deed ..... Thanks for advice.
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Just an idea as I no longer have a mobile phone so I have never had to confront this issue.

 Login on your laptop. Click on your username, ericd, alongside 'Edit your details'  This will take you to 'Configure Your User Profile' where you can check if the information the site holds on you is the same as you are trying to use to access via your phone.

If the information is correct and you are still unable access via the phone you could try enroling as a new member on the phone device with a new password and a new username as 'ericd2' and if successful change your username back to ericd.

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