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Best weather forecast

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hello everyone

i have just registered

my partner and i have just bought a little cottage near chateaubriand which we will be visiting regulary.

what is the best free weather site to look at so that we can go try to go over to coincide with the best weather ?

Jenny Rennes.

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I use several. Meteo France is good but limited to today and part of tomorrow on a department level (unless you pay them money). I also tend to use http://fr.weather.com which goes to department level and gives you 10 days (also the same organisation UK site http://uk.weather.com/ also covers French departments and can give you the weather through the day for the next couple of days as well as the day weather for the next 10 days).

I also like http://www.xcweather.co.uk/index.php which is more of a current weather (as reported live from automated weather stations across France and the UK). It does give the wind forecast but (being small minded) I like it as I can see what my own weather is like and the check what is happening in the UK (and be very smug about French weather).


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We have found that Pagesjaune(yellowpages) have half decent very local forecast.


If you click Ville en Direct on the right hand column of the page and just follow the links for météo

It is usually possible to get a forecast for your town/village.


from a very sunny ( as predicted) Champagnac-La-Riviére.


Tony and Sue



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[quote]You could try www.accuweather.com it gives a 15 day forecast and hour by hour forecast. If accu is supposed to stand for accurate,it isn't.It can't make it's mind up as to what the weather is going...[/quote]

When studying meteorology for my Yachtmaster exam I was told by my instructor "To forecast accurately, forecast often"

In other words even professional weather forecasters can't tell you what's going to happen more than a few hours ahead. Every long term forecast is virtually pure guesswork.

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Patrick,That is correct.I wouldn't want to rely on a long term forecast to decide whether or not to visit France,if you could afford the luxury of being able to make a last minute decision,then the forecast for the next few days should be considerably more accurate.It is interesting how much some weather forecasts vary from one website to the other.One thing is for sure -we can't change the weather.

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Johnny - I take it that you aren't looking for forecasts as that would be impractical in terms of planning your visits, but weather trends for a particular area over a period of years so that you will know, for example, that October is generally warm but wet, or whatever.

A good site for this is


Click on your departement and then caractéristics climatiques.
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Well I have had a quick nosey at some of the sites mentioned here.  The BBC one tells me there are thunderstorms and rain (yipee) forecast for tomorrow.  All the others tell me none and it is just going to get hotter. 

Had a peek at the 15 day forecast and well it tells me more heat and no rain, but I imagine no one can forecast that far in advance if they could NASA wouldn't have so many cancelled launches!

We need some rain here very desparately. The ground is rock solid, my grass is not green but yellow and hard.  My plants are dying, the wells are empty and I am being told we cannot top up the pool :-(. 

Sorry to all those who are in England/elsewhere and yearning for sunshine.


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