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Miki has reminded me...


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All you good folk who supported me through OH's illness - you know who you are - everything is going very, very well indeed.

Touch wood.

The doctors are surprised at the speed of his recovery.  He has hair again!  Still has to have a blood test every month which we will send to Nantes but his last bone marrow test was a big fat zero.

He wanted an adventure so we are off to Scotland to rent a place for a few months.  Originally it was to see if he could cope with the winter weather and look for somewhere to buy but we have changed our minds.

We are off around Europe in a motor caravan...I had been motor caravanning for years before I came here but it is new for OH. In a very few months we will be in Italy and then...who knows?

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So pleased Alexis [:D]

Enjoy your trip to Scotland, will you be there for New Year [B]

All the very best for your new life, sounds fantastic. If its Tuesday it must be Italy or something like that.  Dont forget to keep us updated re your adventures.

Take care and have lots of fun

The Other Jan

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Hi Alexis,

Glad to hear the good news.  You can both breath a big sigh of relief.  Reading something like this has put my own silly problem into perspective and makes me feel a little bit guilty for not appreciating what I HAVE got, my health.

All the very best to you both.  I raise my glass and have a great holiday.

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I fully intend to have nine months touring and to come back here for summer....can't be doing with tourists[;-)]  No.  We are not selling.


Italy is going to be first.  I WILL get to see Venice.  I also want to learn how to make proper pasta and risotto.  I have already got my eye on a campsite just across the bay from Venice and I was thinking of a month but perhaps six weeks would be best...what do you think?[6]

Thank you for your good wishes.  Much appreciated.

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Well, I'm not very technical.

I hope to be around at least for some of the time...!

I really ought to ask about it on the other section.  I don't even know how laptops work but I do know that OH had one in the hospital that was sans fil so I am sure it can be done.

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Great news, I hope you both have a really great time.

We had a motorhome for a few years, before coming here, after years of

towing a caravan (with 4 kids, hols in hotels and B&B's were a little

too dear for us !) and we often say that when all this hard graft is

over, the best thing when we downsize, will be to buy a motorhome and

see the places we never got to see first time around.

 So I envy you but at the same time, couldn't be happier for you both.

As for touching wood, we had 6 stere to stack today, so that's a lot of wood been touched !!

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 Am really pleased at your news, I had a campervan for a few years once and it was the best time of my life,its such a great way to enjoy life,I am truly envious, enjoy every minute and that smell of bacon and eggs cooking in the morning, there is nothing like it.keep in touch with us all.Have a great adventure.
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