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Il y a beaucoup de Français qui disent que les "Britanniques" ne s'intègrent pas.

For the most part they are less extreme than this gentleman(?), albeit note the "PS" (at the end, he's no follower of Ségolène):


I wonder if they are right - there are loads of "living in france" forums with never-ending sub-sections, covering everything under the sun, yet I've never seen one headed "integration" or similar.

What do you think?

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A Google translation for those who need it.


do not know if I'm hallucinating but it seems to me this year have

found a massive invasion of English in my bled. Whenever I went to

visit in the "city" during this summer, I crossed into numbers! And

from me, resistant Gallic pride, it seems to bother anyone!

Almost since some time ago, some cars English invaders were

"decorated" in a burg near my house to protest against their presence

(which blew up the house prices) and invite them to return to their

country. As a result, the municipal council of the Commune and the

system, close to the modem, started in the camp of the English invaders

and expressed outrage at this action which harms the image of the

region (and to his bank account ...... especially).

Beyond elected officials, I found that traders are generally more

friendly with the English invaders with indigenous like me (although I

am not from the region, I am much more at home that the invading

English because I am a French citizen and have lived for a long time).

For example, I went recently with a "colleague" in the bar to the

village center, we settled on the terrace. While we came first, the

large p *** bartender saw fit to serve us in English couples and their

mioches. Smile to the ears, hello sir, hello Madam ,..... it was almost

ready to lick the boots of his masters. Long after he finished by us

serve our foams: no hello, no thank you, if we just did not fuck this

big pile of grease. English invaders are better received than the

natives, which gives furiously want to collectivize shops capitalists

these small traders!

And what's more, the English invaders generally behave very badly.

Feeling conquered land, they are arrogant, without discomfort, rude

,....... While we were at the bar, the English father asked me to stop

polluting to extinguish my cigarette (I also do not smoke any more

since the smoking ban in bars, thank you to the State to take care of

our health)! This was certainly not oblivious to understand who he was

dealing, so I continued to smoke after having made a brief reminder of

the legislation (one has the right to smoke on the terrace of a café)

and inviting him to return to his country if he was not pleased.

The English walk half naked, their numerous and unruly kids are

running around, not to mention that British women are not attractive

compared to French women (who are by far the most beautiful of all

women living in France).

The English are quite aggressive, and I can not be completely

reassured when I walk alone in the street and I crossed one. They are

obviously not at all civilized these people. However we have always

found in history: the English are the people who committed the killings

around the world, hundreds and hundreds of millions of deaths. And then

they dare to lecture the Communists, Chinese, Russian ,........ !

Without the genes j'vous say!

And I pass on the fact that they obviously do not speak a word of

French, and they do qu''avec their aggressive language in his ear!

No frankly I have nothing against the English people that I respect, if it stays on its ridiculous little ugly, rainy island.

A campaign against the English invasion in France would be

necessary (although it would have little or no impact because the vast

majority of sheep-cons love collabos English is not ...... bearer

therefore electorally person placed on this market) but nobody will

ever undertake.

Needless to rely on it for sores of the extreme-right parties

which are not against immigration in general but only against the

immigration of blacks and Arabs, who prefer English to German and

French (10 million if English or German came in France, the eternal

enemies of collabos France would be delighted to see so many good

"Aryan" - or rather good for nothing - move!) and who dream of building

a greater Europe white ( a good program bobos-lopettes, carrying

election likely to please the sheep).

Needless also rely on the self-righteous of the extreme-left who

with their sisters moralism good glass of raciiiiisme and the

xénophobiiiiiie in this fight against the English invasion. What I

absolutely reject because I repeat that I have nothing against the

English people: the evidence, I once paid a drink at a bar in English

it said. :)

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Lost a bit in the translation as always Gary.

I enjoyed the article imensely, he is clearly an extremist but what worried me is that I found myself agreeing with some of his observations, the sort of things that I sometimes see that make me cringe and carry on pretending to be an autochtone.

One of my favorites:

Les anglais se promènent à moitié à poil, leurs nombreux gosses sont turbulents et courent partout, sans compter que les femmes anglaises sont peu appétissantes par rapport aux femmes françaises (qui sont de loin les plus belles de toutes, vive les femmes françaises !).

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Les anglais se promènent à moitié à poil, leurs nombreux gosses sont turbulents et courent partout,

And, he's got a point here too.

It made me cringe to read a long thread recently where many forum members gave support to someone complaining about a primary school where the disruptive English child refused to stay behind, ignored his teacher and ran home.  And the parent insisted that her child  always told the truth, so she concluded  that the teacher/assistants must be lying. 

Wonder what that community now thinks of English kids and their parents?


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[quote user="chessfou"]Il y a beaucoup de Français qui disent que les "Britanniques" ne s'intègrent pas.

[/quote]Except they never refer to us as "Britanniques", whichever country of the United Kingdom we come from we are invariably (as in this piece) "les Anglais."

There is a particularly obnoxious g*t who shares my dinner table here (everybody agrees with this assessment of him, btw, it's not just me). I delight in explaining to him (amongst other things) that no, not all Anglais eat porridge for breakfast although many Ecossais might do so, and that some of  the best lamb comes from Wales, not England.

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Slightly 'off-topic', but it is about French attitudes to the various articles which have appeared recently about the 'les Anglais' going home because of the fall in value of the pound.

I tried the Figaro version on a few French friends.

This is a typical reply (I quote exactly the email)

Oui, c'est dommage de voir tous ces anglais retourner chez eux

parce que la France est devenue trop chère pour eux à cause de la baisse de

la livre sterling.

Mais, évidemment, si le Royaume Uni avait adopté l'Euro depuis

le début, tout serait différent.

Il n'y aurait aucune fluctuation monétaire entre l'Angleterre

et la France, et tous ces anglais n'auraient pas perdu 30 pourcent de leur

pouvoir d'achat.

Yes, it's a pity to see all these Brits returning home as France has become to expensive for them, because of  the fall in value of the pound sterling.

But , obviously, if the UK had adopted the Euro from the start everything would be different.

There would be no fluctuation in value between the currencies of France and England, and these Brits wouldn't have lost 30% of their purchasing power



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