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new waste water bill for mains drainage

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I've believe it can be as much as 3x, i.e. on a Fosse our water is something a little over €1/cu m, friends on mains are paying over €3.

How will it affect pool owners - it will cost correspondingly more to fill the pool what else ?

Thankfully it will be a long long long time before mains reach me [:D]

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I don't think you can work out how much water consumption and drainage cost per m3 as the charges seem to vary with the amount used.

If this is any help I looked at my bills that I received this week. I have two houses, one on mains drainage and one not. All charges are based on the m3 of water used.

For the one on drainage the consumption (84m3 = 88 euros)+ standing charge etc was 200 euros, and the sewerage was 84 euros + charges = 110 euros.  Then a pollution tax of 27 euros.  Grand total of 348 euros with tax.

The bill for the house without drainage and very little water consumption (12m3) was 12.60 for the water, 54 euros in charges and 1 euro for pollution.  Grand total of 70.81 with tax. 

So from the first bill I would deduce that the mains drains charge comes to somewhat more than half of the water charge.

But here's a surprise!  Each m3 of water for the first house seems to have cost 4.1 euros, while each m3 of water used in the second house without mains drains cost 5.8 euros.

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Of course with such a low consumption the standing charge has correspondingly more impact on the cost per m3.

Leaving aside the standing chargesfor a moment the telling numbers are the actual prices per m3 so although the two are roughly on a par at around €1 the sewage charge pretty well doubles that. Now add in the charges and my figure of 3x comes into focus.

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Yes, the initial cost per m3 is the same for the consumption and the sewerage.  But in my example the standing charges did make a lot of difference.  The SC for water used was 112 euros while the SC for sewerage was only 26 euros.

Ouch! My brain hurts!

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Well I can't make head nor tail of all these different figures.  To compare with Maricopa-

1.05 euros per m3 water supply plus charges of 104.88 euros

1 euro per m3 waste plus charge of 25 euros

0.32 per m3 anti-pollution

0.08 per m3 preservation of resources

I'm surprised that the cost of water varies so much.  So the conclusion seems to be that you can't get much of an idea of what the bills will be like by looking at someone else's.

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In our neck of the woods during summer all the washing up water and what is called 'grey' water is usually used to water the plants - the village treatment plant therefore in summer often has less water going through than we are actually using. This has confused the issuer as nearly all the villagers pointed this out and demanded that they re-work the bills!
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