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No passport

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My daughter is visiting in the summer and wants to bring a friend who has lost her passsport,they have been told for a fee you can get a travel permit as long as you stay in the eu.I have never heard of this and told my daughter there is no such thing .....am i wrong please advise if you know.
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People in the Schengen area can travel to other places in that area with just an ID card, not a full passport.

Britain is not in the Shengen area, not is there an ID card in place.

I did once have to get back to the UK after my passport had been stolen.

I was given a document from the Consulate in Paris just to enter Britain, but I don't think I could have visited just on that basis, and haven't heard of such a permit for visiting a country as a private individual, but someone may know better

This site( in French) gives the requirements:


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My nephew lost his passport when he was staying with us in France.  We went to the local Gendarmerie and he was issued with a form about it.  As he had another piece of photographic identity (a provisional driving licence), Eurostar allowed him to travel back into the UK with the Gendarmerie paper and the licence.

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My son discovered he could not find his passport last night.

I know I have been to France and back through the tunnel on a driving licence (customs stopped the car and emptied it both ways to get their own back) but the French Embassy site now specifically says no to driving licences (dont know since when).

The passport service speedy route (so we found out today) is OK for new passports or renewals but not for replacements.

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