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Ferry from Calais to Dover

Pierre ZFP

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Yes it is not new Nick, the problem then was defining constant occupation.

Could you go away for a holiday? Of course you could.

What about if you had a business trip (1)? No problem.

Visiting relatives (2)? Yeh that's OK

OH stays for a time in one property, while I am in the other (say Monday to Friday).

(1) which happened to be within commuting distance from the other property and which you used for such trips.

(2) who live near the other property.

And suddenly both properties are in constant occupation.

I think the problems today would be just as difficult unless you take a simplistic stance - 1 property OK, 2 properties or more where there is no rental income = some form of penalty - tax, community charge or whatever.

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I keep googling for houses for sale in the Wiltshire village I grew up in. I have not seen one for sale for years. My parents bought our thatched cottage there for 36k. I bet it is worth half a million now.

I am betting also that a majority of the houses in the village today are second homes. There is no work there. There is no where to commute to.

Breaks my heart.
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Be quiet wooly.....locals move away because they have been priced out of the market.

People still need, plumbers, electricians, carpenters (which incidentally most of the folk at my school became) but where are they going to live because they can't afford to live there. In the suburbs of the nearest city I guess.

Even in the late 1980's people were buying second homes in the village from London and soon complaining about the cockerels keeping them awake in the morning. Tis true that.

I feel that there is no such thing as an 'English' village anymore. You know, that proper country rural life with proper accents. Proper pub. Ho hum.
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Well I never thought I'd get so many replies to my question. I'm still not sure why the crossings are so expensive at the moment. I normally get single tickets because I'm often not sure of my return dates.

As for eating on the boat, well forget it. I find a seat looking out of the shape end and take a bottle of water. If I can snooze then that's a bonus. I must be the most seasick person on the planet.
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