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cdg airport

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Bit of help please folks. Am looking at booking tickets for a friend with Easyjet to fly into Charles De Gaulle in October and quite frankly looking on Google maps the airport seems a complete nightmare to drive into, any advise what way to point the car and anyone got a clue what terminal I should head for? will more then likely get lost at least once. Will be on my own so no navigator on board.



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It's quite some time since I was at CDG but I think I remember the locos all going to/from terminal 3. Signing was by French standards good, but the traffic will be busy so it won't be a restful drive.

Alternatively your friend could take a TGV to somewhere easier to pick them up. IIRC you need a terminal shuttle bus from terminal 3 to the station. There are also RER trains in the terminal complex but basically they go into Paris with the same issues of arranging a pick up.
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Its all on Easyjet's website.

L'aéroport de Paris Charles-de-Gaulle

Tous les vols au départ et à destination de Paris Charles-de-Gaulle sont situés au terminal 2D.

Téléphone de l'aéroport: Tel: +33 (0)1 48 62 22 80 ou 12 12 Fax: +33 (0)1 48 62 07 52 ou 58 02

Par la route

Paris vers l'aéroport de Roissy Charles de Gaulle:

Autoroute A1 (Autoroute du Nord) par la Porte de la Chapelle. Autoroute A3 via Porte de Bagnolet, ensuite par l'autoroute A1, rester sur votre droite. Aéroport de Roissy Charles de Gaulle vers Paris: Autoroute A1 vers Paris, ou via Porte de Bagnolet en bifurquant vers Paris Est. Le parking est situé devant le terminal.
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Its quite an easy drive actually.

1) Straight up the A6 to Paris. You will automatically by default end up on the 'Peripherique' so nothing hard there. 2.5 - 3 hrs

* The hardest thing about the peripherique is knowing which direction to go around BUT in your case it does not matter as it is equal distance to 'Porte de la Chapelle'.

2) So go either direction 'junction A6a' and go West of the city or 'junction A6b' and go East of the city. Does not matter which way you go.

3) Go around the Peripherique and leave at 'Porte de la Chapelle'. The exit will be indicated 'Lille A1' so you can't miss it. Allow 30 mins.

4) Then once on the A1 leave at the junction 'CDG' and follow your terminal. About 20-30 mins.

Just reverse on the return. Pick back up the Peripherique (Porte de la Chapelle) and go in any direction and follow signposts indicating 'Lyon A6'.

Et voila.

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IF you are only looking wouldn't St Exupery or Geneva be a lot closer. Paris is a long long way. It'll cost you an arm and a leg in motorways and fuel, and probably a darned site more than the flight. And remember you have an aller retour, to pay for.

OR as there is a perfectly decent railways station at Roissy, then they could surely catch the train to Lyon or Dijon would be a lot closer.

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Thanks for the info everyone, CDG is not my choice of

airport. Bit of background info, I pass under the airport travelling from the

UK to Burgundy so know how much traffic is around there, usually manic. My wife

died a couple of years ago (Frecossais) on

here. I have reunited with an old friend whose husband also has died, she has

shown an interest in a short stay with me when I'm in France.  She lives near Bath and was hoping to travel

via Bristol Airport. There is a daily flight direct to Paris, there is also a

flight to Lyon but this one goes via Brussels. She is just  slowly getting her confidence back after being

on her own, doesn't speak French and  doesn't

feel able to start juggling across France. Things would be easier if she lived

nearer London, more options.

Yes Idun Lyon would be a bit better

although not ideal, it is a good 2hr hike from Sanvignes . The most ideal

airports for me would be Dole and at a stretch Dijon but alas the no airline

suitable flies there.

EDIT. Thats interesting first time I have had all that rubbish in the post. This one I did in Word and copied and pasted it as my reply. Maybe this is another gem Archant devised.

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If you know the way to the airport exit from the motorway but are still concerned about driving, then as an alternative how about you take a TGV to the airport, pick up your friend and you both return to the car by TGV. Booking 3 months in advance will give you some quite good deals and possibly cheaper than the real cost of driving.
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I imagine that you have rejected the TGV possibility because it doesn't fit in with the projected timings, but  -  just in case you had overlooked it  -  there is ONE decent daily direct connection between CDG and le Creusot TGV. 

It leaves at 21.16 and takes an hour and twenty minutes.

A couple of months ago when I had a visitor who was a little timid of trying to navigate from CDG to the gare de Lyon I suggested this option and she said it was a doddle  -  and she went back the same way.


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BJSLIV. One problem is the name Ryanair and the other is Limoges. It is on the other side of France, just as painful as Paris only less traffic.

TANCREDE Yes aware of the train we actually suggest it to friends who visit it has been used a few times that way.

I just want things to be very easy for her. That's why I would be prepared to sacrifice a trip to Paris. We will talk about it.

Thanks all.

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I would look at going into Geneva Airport. Much closer than Paris and Easyjet have flights most days from Bristol. And personally I like Geneva Airport.

I suppose the other option would be to catch the train or bus to an airport that is further away in the UK and landing at one closer to you in France.

Paris is a long long way away.

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Ryanair is wonderful now if you are happy to pay the extras!!!

I was under the impression that independent arbitration was underway. Also at the end of this month when prices return from school holiday rates the pilots will probably feel that striking will be counter productive.

Really not pushing one route or another but at Limoges you will be able to wave to her as she descends the steps off the aircraft - such reassurance!! The grass area next to main(only) terminal building. Wave and then stroll to arrivals (also departures) to meet her!!!!

Marginally shorter (time and distance) than Paris.

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