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Hunting Season


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If only I had a gun I would shoot back this last week. They have been shooting quail every morning at the crack of dawn since the 28th Aug., in our back field. Wakes us up and the poor dog is suffering.

Sometimes they're too close to the house.

The deputy maire is our neighbour and she says they can do it [:@     I don't remember this happening in other years.

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Hi Patf,

In the French Hunters' Handbook, they are clearly advised NOT to shoot closer than 150 metres from a habitated dwelling, now whether this is the law or not, I don't know, but they are not doing themselves any favours by such behaviour which they are at great pains to point out; hunters' behaviour towards non-hunters is vitally important for the well-being of hunting in every respect.
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Am I the only one or does 150 meters to shoot guns sound very close?! Dangerously close!

Sunday, it was happening here, I am sure it was within the 150 rule because there were quite a few of them but it was scary as hell. This is a backward dangerous law. It should be much further that in my opinion.

I wonder what the distance is for a grenade, perhaps a visit to a few of the local chase is in order.[Www]

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