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This is an exciting thread. 

It is a kind of 'Ask Elvis' slot on our very own Forum. 

Keep up the good work, Jimmy.  And when you qualify as a gendarme, remember not to stop British cars (or right hand drive cars with French number plates)...

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Or English drivers in French regestered left hand drive cars, well can I join you on your planet please Cathy?

Congratulations Jimmy and very good luck on your course. I am sure that it will be difficult, but I am also sure that you can do it if you want to![:D]

I look forward to hearing about your progress!

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[quote user="jimmytaktak"]Thanks to all !! (Sorry I am late, just a little bit late)[/quote]

What, is that all you're going to say?

So...you weren't involved with raiding Sarkozy's home or whatever it was that they were doing to find out whether he took any money in brown envelopes?

No wonder the Forum's been quiet.....nothing interesting to report![:(]

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