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An Indian entrée


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I buy my herbs frozen from Picard..surely with a name like that there must be one near you?




and you can order on the Internet and they deliver :))

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They dont deliver where I live NormanH so much for the liberation of the internet.

I will drop into one of their shops in Amiens or Arras if only for the coriandre but I have to agree having looked at the prices they are very how do we say? - French [:P]

In any case I didnt come to France to eat chicken korma ready meals, well not at €4.50 for 350g, I mean I ask you, have you ever seen a French person satisfied with a meal of 350g, an entrée perhaps.

Mind you I am not averse to buying the exact same thing in Asda but in a bloke sized portion for 99 pence however that is just me trying to re-integrate [;-)]

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