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A tree in all her moods.

Megan le Fey

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Thank you Suze for your 'seasonal tree' suggestion.  Here are some of my oak tree.

Late autumn, at sunset on a clear night


On a lovely autumn day


and another one, with icing on.


If I can remember, I will do some in spring & summer.


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[quote user="Gary aka Bugbear"]

Megan, lovely images..................

If you don't mind can I suggest that you change the image size to a maximum of 400 width. They then fit everyones screen without having to scroll sideways.


Finally worked out how to resize them but I still don't think I have got it quite right.  I think they are still a bit big but the only other option I could find was very small.  I will keep at it when I have time.

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Almost a year in the life of our cherry apple tree. The blackbirds love the apples, just beak size!






The one that's missing is the one with leaves and apples. When I have that they will be made into a collarge (?) and framed.

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                         "Autumn Feel" November 2006



                     9.30 this morning, same view, same tree(s), it was snowing horizontally but it doesn't show on the photo.


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