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How long do you have to return goods when you find they do not work as they should?


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Not quite as daft a question as it looks.  Bought a new microwave from Carrefour at the end of April (this year), to use in our winter kitchen.  Used a little, for about 2 weeks before I went back to UK for 6 weeks and so by the time I came back it was summer and we were using the summer kitchen.  Due to the change of weather we are now back in the winter kitchen, and I find the microwave seems to work only intermittently (as I have a feeling it did before, but since I didn't use it much, I didn't really record this). 

What happens is that it may start the first time, but if you open the door to check the food it will not restart.  Or you try to start it from fresh and it won't start.  (Starting is operated by closing the door, and having the timer on etc), not a push button.  The next day you can try again, and well, it might or it might not start - Ivce had both, but continue after once opened, no.

So, do you think I have any chance of getting it replaced (I'm not sure I want another like it, as I am fairly sure the design is poor - it is possible for the microwave to continue when you shut the door, having taken out the food before time is up - not good).  But it will be almost impossible to demonstrate an intermittent fault like this as it is sure to work when the shop tries it out.

It really has only had about a month's worth of use, even though it was bought over six months ago.

What are the shop supposed to do in these circumstances (Ideally I'd like a refund - it was not cheap for a simple microwave).

I've had a look on the site, but nothing quite like this came up.

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From what you say - it starts only by closing the door whilst on timer, won't restart after the opening door to check the food, no buttons, etc - it doesn't seem like the normal method of operation that one would expect from a conventional microwave.  Not being funny, but I'd suggest you re-read the manual just to make sure you're actually doing it right.

Otherwise, you pack it up in its original box and take it back to the store with the receipt and report the fault.  They will either send it off for testing and repair or give you a replacement.

I'd be inclined to tell them the fault has just recently occurred rather than offer complicated explanations to justify the delay in returning the machine.  In this case, the actual timing of the return makes no difference under the guarantee.


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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]Sorry I can't help directly as I simply don't know but one point to be aware of is that most (all?) French stores insist that for an item to be returned it must be in its original packing.  Why? I don't know, it just is otherwise you have no hope.[/quote]

Based on the electric kettle which was a water tight as a watering can which we returned to Limoges sone years ago so they can put the thing straight back on the shelves for some other mug to purchase.

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Thanks everyone.

I have kept the box and packaging so no problems there.  Taken the point about not saying when it stopped working - just say it doesn't etc thanks.

It does say in the manual (first thing I checked) that you close the door etc.  But I will double check - though I agree it is a bit strange, and I remember thinking the first time I used it, that's a bit strange.  I've owned microwaves since 1978, so I know how they work, and the last two (including the one this was replacing) died of old age (30 and 15 years respectively - we had two at the same time as we had two houses, both packed up within a year of each other - so they don't make 'em like they did), which is why I know it is very odd that it doesn't work like I expect.

Right, I'll give it a go, better get it packed up and have another jolly trip to Carrefour ......  I'll let you know how I get on.

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[quote user="Clarkkent"]

Does this help?


I understand that the EU has used English consumer legislation as the basis of their directive.


Thanks - just printed it all off - in case.  It appeared whilst I was away on the aforementioned holiday in England, hence not remembering it - I remember a lot of what I see on here, and since I searched for returned goods, I did not find this particular thread.  More grist to the mill if needed.

And last night, we checked and followed the instructions to the letter - it does start first time (sometimes) but once opened, and shut again, whilst ever the timer is on, it should start, and it doesn't.  Going to be difficult to explain that intermittent fault, even in English, I'd struggle.  Ah, well, we shall see ....

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Last year, we swopped a shedload of SuperU loyalty points for a Delonghi combination espresso/filter coffee machine.  Unfortunately, the filter side went on the blink a couple of weeks ago, so I checked the bon de livraison and noted it was guaranteed for two years. So, dug out the original packaging etc and took it back to the store where Therese the reception girl took it from me saying she'd send it off for repair.

A couple of days later, she phoned to say it was actually out of guarantee.  Rather than argue the toss on the phone, I said I'd pop in and show her the actual bon.  When I did, she said that 'cadeau' goods were only guaranteed for one year rather than two.  When I showed her the handwritten note on the bon stating 'guarantee 2 ans'  the conversation went like this:

"Yes, that's my handwriting and no, that's a '1'... " 

"Er...no - that's a '2'... " 

"No it isn't, I write my '1s' like that...."

I pointed out her other note further down the bon stating 'ecoparticipation 1 euro paid'....

"No you don't, that's how you write your '1s'... "

Spluttering giggles mean it's time to turn on the SD charm....

Spent all my hard earned cash here to save up the points to get this very expensive chic machine and it's let me down....... No breakfast coffee in which to dunk my SuperU pain au chocolat....... End of civilisation...... blah blah...... 

Cue big smile from her and an "OK, Monsieur Sunday, I'll see what I can do."

On our next shopping day, she came across to our checkout and grabbed Mrs Sunday to say she'd cleared it with the boss and sent it off for repair and would phone us when it was ready to collect. 

No aggro, no shouting, no EU directives - just a bit of friendly banter and an amicable result....[;-)]


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That was a very funny, honest and human posting SD, although I am searching for a better word than honest.

It is the very first time that I have seen from your postings that Sunday Driverland resembles the France that I live in [;-)] [:D]


Dont count your chickens until it is returned in a working state! I would dearly love to hear that the system can actually work in France.

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