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Buying from ebay


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You must have provided an email address when signing up to eBay and they ALWAYS send you a message confirming a purchase, did you not get one ?

If you didn't pay via Paypal then eBay will not and cannot help you get a refund, you would have to do that yourself with your bank or card provider.

If you're going to use eBay for anything other than penny purchases you really should use Paypal.

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I also check a sellers feedback, not just the score but why they have got negative comments - sometimes the negatives are not deserved / warranted.

Also as Ernie says, use PayPal, there is no cost to the buyer and you do not submit account details to the seller.

Under the heading 'My ebay' is 'Purchase History' and this shows what you have bought.
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Hi guys, many, many thanks..............all of you rushing to my aid[:D]

Tell you what, it warms my heart to see so many of the old posters on here; I am truly blessed and honoured.

Had an email today to say the rower will be delivered next week AND the postage for something that weighs tons is only 10 quid.

It's such a bargain from my point of view because the other nearest place to get it  (200 euros dearer) is from Germany.

I have been researching another rower but really this is my first choice because it's entry level and that will be plenty enough for me.

Now, to prepare my long-suffering OH to put it all together when it arrives[:)]

Big thank you to everybody who has replied.

And no, I seem to have missed all the emails that might or might not have been sent so I might just open another account with a new password because I have now had innumerable emails asking me to change and then telling me the time for changing has expired even though the email might only have been sent minutes hence!

Something not quite right, I think, but I am unlikely to buy anything else for a while as the rower is really a bit self-indulgent.

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Thanks, nectarine, I don't know what those things you mention are but I am willing to learn!  So, I'll go and find them[I]

BTW, I thought of you yesterday when I got out my colourful china.  You told me once on a thread about colours that you love things to be colourful and you helped me make up my mind to buy this particular set of china!

See, all your useful advice is always taken into account[:D]

This is the French friend who told me she couldn't understand how my house was so white and neutral.  Tell you what, I've even introduced some colours into my wardrobe but VERY carefully as I'm still happiest with whites and greys but I do love red and I even have an orange waistcoat that I always feel good wearing!

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Thought an update might help others.

Nectarine, I am glad you like the ebay experience.  My own, however, has been less than satisfactory.

The upshot of the story is that the rower (over 700 pounds) never appeared.  The ebay French site AND the Paypal sites were less than helpful..............I felt a distinct "palming the customer off " strategy; for example, we can't do anything until after 45 days after your complaint.

Fortunately for me, I paid with my trusty old Nationwide card and I had a letter today to say that they have claimed the money back from the retailer.

I had to send off emails exchanged between myself and ebay France and I printed them out and highlighted the relevant paragraphs and put in notations (in English) to make it all understandable.

Speaking for myself, I think that's the end of the ebay experience for me.  PLUS I don't care about throwing out the baby with the bath water, I have managed very well without ebay so far and I daresay that I shall manage equally well without it in the future.

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