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French Fair Trade


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I knew about this, as my son has mentioned it and he shops in all sorts of cooperative things and farmers market type stuff. Along with using his local artisanal butcher.

However, I am shocked about is, the average consumer, which I would take meaning the shopper in the household, buys 50 litres of milk a year??????????????????????

Yes, endless question marks, because I do not understand that.

When my children were children I used to get through 120litres of whole milk a month.

Even now I buy about 5 litres of whole milk a week, sometimes we use a bit more, sometimes a little less, but that is what I buy and more often than not, milk with an extra 25p per 4 pint bottle added for the farmers, which I shouldn't have to. I find it disgusting that the price of milk should reflect what milk costs to produce. We should all be paying more.

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