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Has anyone "won" olympic tickets for 2012?

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[quote user="crazyfrog"]

We tried to get tickets for the athletics, only the cheap morning events (pentathalon etc..), normally you see the stadiums empty for those sort of things.

But nothing doing, so I was wondering if anyone else has been successful


Call me cynical but you will probably find apart from a few well publicised token members of the public who were successful, The only "winners" will be the ticket touts, celebrities, politician's, members of the Olympic committee and Sep Blatter and his mates. [:D] 

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Nick I am even more cynical - who would want to watch so called atheletes who are government backed with public money to show the regime in a positive light?

It may be better to go back to how it all began when they were all unclothed - but no it was just men competing.

Who cares if tha few can do something quicker than mere mortals?

I would prefer if kindness and compassion were spectator sports - sorry they are, but there are few competitors..
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Nickp : Cynicsm is fine by me, everyone has their own point of view.

My kids are into their athletics in France. No 1 son has a chance to be Olympic(ish) standard in the next 4-6 years (fingers crossed), so from a motivational point of view I'm trying my best to help him along.

I'm as big a cynesist(?) as the next brit, especially when FIFA are in the mix.

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[quote user="Mme poivreI'm giong to france for the summer will just have to watch all the highlights on the TV seems a much less stressfull idea than applying for tickets

At least you can get up and have a cup of tea or make a sandwich when you want and with the SKY HD box, halt everything until you come back into the room. Not that I'm the slightest bit interested in any of it actually, but some folks enjoy it. I reckon it was better when men in very little did it all back in Greece.
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