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Any advice on wildflower seeds, please?


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We are shortly to move into a new house, which has a small garden. Our present house has only a tiny plot in a cour, the previous one had 2000m2 of grassland which we never got around to tending, apart from attacking huge areas of brambles, so we have no experience in gardening here (just N of Carcassonne).

The centre of the garden area has a "lawn" area, about 12m x 12m, which is dry and brown now, with a largish eucalypt and a mulberry on it. The house is on top of a ridge overlooking a river valley, so the soil is pretty thin and I'm sure, poor and alkaline.

The verges on the roads here always have a good covering of grasses and wildflowers, even though they were cropped right down earlier in the year, so I'm thinking of planting a wild area of grasses and flowers, but not something that grows too high and makes the place look uninhabited, and maybe cutting it back once or twice a year. I don't want to have to water it unless essential.

Can anyone suggest where I can get some wildflower seeds suitable for this area, and also what sort of grass I could sow?

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Thanks for the suggestions re. seed. Does anyone know about short grasses which wouldn't stifle wild flower growth, and suitable for the hot dry summers here? I'm thinking of something that doesn't grow waist high and make the garden look like waste land.
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