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Permission to cut down a tree?

Elle Gee

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Dear Frecossais and dear Id, how good it is to have your support.

I am no moaning-minnie and can usually fight my corner but, when there are lots of other negative things going on in one's life, it's really good to have a bit of moral support.

Thank you so much [:)]

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Apologies for taking so long to get back. But an update.... I went to the mairie and they were quite astonished that I was asking " It's in your property, right? " Actually I went back a second time (just to check!), with photos, and explained that I was worried because I thought the tree might have historical significance, but got the same story. So I took the plunge and had the tree removed, and so far no complaints from neighbours!

BTW - we are still allowed to burn during specific periods (checked this with the mairie too)
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