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Reporting illegal working


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I think the point is that it is possible, if not necessarily very practical to employ workers based in another EU country legally in France.

That is up to the person employing them to decide.

This thread is really about people of whatever nationality working 'on the black'.

As I said before I wouldn't report them, but I wouldn't use them either.

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[quote user="cooperlola"]

Got your note, Catalpa, thanks.  I'll reply shortly.

Catalpa and Richard are quite right of course. I don't want anybody to think for one moment that I believe it's not possible to employ whomever you wish (in fact as I say, it's just my 2p worth, I'm hardly an expert) I simply urge some caution.  I do know people who have caught serious colds by getting work done to UK specs but where decorating is concerned that's hardly an issue, is it?  I'm sure that big companies like HUF have sorted out all the possible wrinkles and know their way around the European systems - I'd just want to be sure I knew what I was getting into with people coming over to do odd bits of work. 

I had a great painter/decorator/handyman in Britain who offered to come over and do a few bits and pieces for me but once he'd looked into the social security aspect and we added on the cost of his travel it just was less viable a proposition than we had thought, and rather too complicated for him.  I've been perfectly happy with the people I've employed on this side of the channel (of both nationalities as it happens, but all properly registered and paying their dues) and ultimately I doubt that I'd have paid much less for my UK bloke, once we'd sorted the paperwork and paid for him to get here.



I'm happy enough to employ locally, and while I don't like the premium , when in Rome...

but...  hate it when people put obstacles in my way,  and I look for a solution..  I'm just getting the , we are to busy to quote  argument, so looking for alternatives.. and I just have good blokes used in the recent past in the UK all gagging for work.   However are they willing to go to France.. not so sure.

Thanks one and all, sorry to stir the pot !


Bill , playing the cautious card actually..



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And that is how it works in France, the URSSAF, well they are as they are, and they are there to make sure that payments are made that should be made.

I know all about the URSSAF's 'effort's' and how devastating it can be for some people, SO, working on the black as a full time job annoys me beyond belief. Those who do it are taking work from those trying to earn an 'honest' crust....... and it just isn't right and they get what they deserve.

And yes, I know how 'France' works, lest anyone try and remind me.

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