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the rules of engagement for renting fully furnished? advise please....


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Hi there,

I am going to rent a house out furnished in a few months, buying some furniture for the house tomorrow and the following day, then laying slabs in the back yard.

Any advise on how to protect myself with renting? How much guarantee, how to write the contract? Any experience please share.


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You can buy contracts ready made, but frankly don't go into this without a very clear understanding of how things work in France, and in particular the protection offered to tenants.

It is taken in a very serious way, and you can't just get people out, even in apparently clear-cut cases.

Be prepared to have the furniture spoiled or stolen, and to foot a substantial bill for repairs between tenancies.

If you are not on the spot and are not fluent enough in French to have a stand-up row you might consider an agent, but on the whole they are less interested in furnished lets.

Don't forget either that insurance for non-payment of rent usually only applies to unfurnished accommodation.

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thanks for your advise. We've rented unfurnished before, we are now going to rent furnished. It's a choice because otherwise I'd keep all the furniture in a lock up and that will destroy my furniture over time anyway what with leaks and changes in temperature/humidity.

I will take control of the rental myself because I speak good French, got a basic understanding of renting but renting fully furnished is a different ballgame. I know I can ask more money for the rental this way, is it a good idea....who knows! Time will tell!
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