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Satellite help - please!

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We have arrived in France in our house in Normandy with a sky box and card for BBC etc. Our house has a dish which is currently pointing 160 degrees. This is not picking up anything and is difficult to move. We have bought another one today and have tried to set this up but no luck. Please can anyone help or offer any advice before my husband throws it out of the window!!!!!


Thank you

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You must use a universal LNB to enable the correct range of signals to be received. The existing one might be an analogue one and won't be any use for BBC. etc...

Secure the dish to a vertical pole, on the ground. BEFORE you do anything.

It is much safer like this and will avoid any accidents like falling off a roof. The pole doesn't have to be vertical but it makes it easier to rotate to the correct direction.

The other thing that will help you set it up is to have the television set, used to tune it, next to the dish. It is better to make a short coax (LNB to Skybox) lead for this purpose.

You need to point the dish to 28.2 degrees East of South for BBC etc... You can use a simple plastic walking compass for this. Remeber that it is sometime difficult to tune for all channels because there are a cluster of satellites at the Sky location and you have to point in a direction that will include all of them. It isn't a big difference in position but it will explain why you may receive one channel better than another.

Make absolutely sure there are no trees or greenery anywhere in the path of the "dish to satellite" direction. I know it says 1.5 times the height of the object for the the distance from it but in my experience ANY trees or greenery near the dish will affect the signal.

You have three adjustments to consider. Vertical angle, Horizontal direction and LNB angle.

The other alternative is to get someone to install it for you.

I hope this has helped ensure that you don't break any limbs.

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Are you sure you're looking in the right place? what you are calling

'160' sounds to me like the old dish was looking at Astra 1 at 19E

(180-20-ish). You need to be looking about another 10 degrees further


How are you monitoring the signal? the best place is 'Services/4/6'.

But remember that it takes a digital receiver a couple of seconds to

react after having found a signal so the watchword is move the dish by

very small increments and wait. It's very easy if you're not carefull

to move straight through the signal before the receiver has time to


When you've found Astra 2 the screen will then show:

Network ID 0002

transport stream 07d4

and - hopefully - at least 3/4 of both the signal strength and quality bars filled with grey.

good luck


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All good advice.   My pennyworths would be to try to borrow a digital receiver from someone who already has it set up for the BBC and ITV and use that for yourdish installation (getting the signal indicators up on a TV screen near the dish).

Certainly if I had started my experiences of dish aligning using a Sky box I'd probably not have gone on,  they are truly awful boxes for this purpose (deliberately so to stop you playing with them on non-Murdoch programmes!). 

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It depends where you are in relation to the satellite as to where you point the dish.  Use the following link to figure it out http://www.satsig.net/ssazelm.htm find your Easting and Northing position by using multimap and once you have the calculated angles use a compass to point the dish.  It worked for me only after I made an adjustment to the vertical alignment as the chimney I fixed the dish to wasn't vertical.  I get a better signal in the Pyrenees than I got in England.
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Hi All

A little advice is ........ you do not need to position the dish on the roof / chimney as long as you have a clear view to the south ........ 28 east sat (for sly) is high in the sky NOT on the horizon ........if the dish is a couple of meters off the ground so much easier to do adjustments ........... I would go along with Martin ..........your digibox is a pain to set up........ sly murdoch has made it that way .......... if you are not worried about channels 4 / 5 a FTA box is better ...... but thats my opinion ............ easting & northing, well that's interesting .......... try latitude / longitude ...... goto Multi Map enter your address inc postcode look at the bottom of the map and it will show your position lat /long

Hope that helps .... if you need more info just ask or PM me


Bonne Chance


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