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The risks posed by Brexit

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I am always reading about the positives relating to buying

property in France.  However, as a French property owner myself, I worry

about the implications of Brexit and, more exactly, the reported 50 Billion

plus divorce bill some are touting around that we could owe.  Theresa May of

course is adamant that this sum is ridiculous but, if things start to turn

ugly, and both sides dig in their heels, I wonder exactly where us French/EU

property owners will stand. 

For example, could we officially be held jointly responsible for the debt our

government is refusing to pay?  In this case then, would it not be inconceivable

that our properties are taken from us, along with our EU based businesses and

Euro bank accounts until the debt is paid?  Exactly how vulnerable are we

and how wise is it to invest in a French/ EU property if you are a post-brexit, UK national

these days?  

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