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Problems cancelling SOSH mobile forfait

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I wonder if anyone else has had the problems I'm having cancelling a 'sans engagement' mobile contract with SOSH? I got the cut price contract for my son almost 2 years ago, but as he is studying in the UK at the moment, we changed him to a UK number. I followed the procedure to cancel the contract through my espace client with SOSH back on 8th March, and received a confirmatory email saying that the cancellation would take effect 10 days later. I was told to expect a final cancellation bill after a further 15 days.

In short, nothing happened, and in early April I got my usual bill with advance monthly charges on it until early May. I contacted SOSH through webchat, and the advisor admitted the cancellation hadn't (for some unspecified reason) gone through. She set up another cancellation on 9th April, and I received the same confirmation email as I had done a month earlier. She also credited my account with 13 euros for the inconvenience.

Since then, I have continued being charged and the contract still hasn't been cancelled. Through a webchat in early May, a further apology was given and a further cancellation request was meant to have been made, but this time no confirmatory email was forthcoming, and a month later, we're still in the same position. Today I had another webchat, this time to be told that there was no record of the previous cancellation requests, and the rather off-hand advisor was unapologetic, simply promising to set up yet another cancellation request. This time, as per the last experience in early May, I've yet to receive the confirmation of this latest request, though the details of this were clearly visible on the webchat. My request to have an address to which I could write a letter of complaint and try to reclaim the money I am continuing to overpay was ignored.

I have copies of all the emails mentioned above and a transcript of the webchats from 9th April and today, but I'm at a loss to know how to get out of this. If anyone has had similar experiences with SOSH and have ideas as to a solution to my 'imprisonment' in their forfait, I would be exceedingly grateful! I'm bl**dy frustrated as you can imagine.......
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[quote user="Daft Doctor"] My request to have an address to which I could write a letter of complaint and try to reclaim the money I am continuing to overpay was ignored. [/quote]

The address you require is within the section:

'Déposer une réclamation Sosh ?'

M Stephane RICHARD is the president of Orange.

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