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Free Frankie One ......


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Meet Frankie

What a heart breaker

A little charmer

But this was the state of him the day he found us in our garden one morning eating breakfast while on holiday

He was starving , exhausted and very scared.

here im chopping more chicken into his bowl , while he sits quitly by starving , great manners !!

While I fed him bits of butterey toast and got him to trust me , hubby snuck into the kitchen and cooked up some pasta chicken and fish

Which he ate with gusto.........

In a couple of days he had moved in ....

got im self a bed, chew and .....

a fire ...

He was the perfect house guest, very quite , asked at the door to go out , and didnt make a peek when we left him down stairs by the fire as we went to bed.

After a few days rest and some large meals he was ready to go for a couple of walks

he was so well behaved walking to heel with no lead. passed cats goats chickens and people and wasnt interested...

But a rest under a shady tree was welcome

I must amit now he has broken my heart..... if it was in england or if we lived out there , he would now be mine , I grew very attached to him.... but we had to return to England so we took him to the SPA in Carcassonne , and although the people there were very kind and sweet , and the kennels spotless..... I felt terrible leaving him there and cryed all the way home and Im crying now .... hes a dog who deserves a good home, so some one please please if you have it in your heart to have a dog choose frankie

He is a smasher and deserves a warm fire to sleep in front of and a cuddle .

We were told he had a chip but the lady in SPA could not get a reply from the owner , and like us she thinks he was probally abandonned in our village

Frankie is not his real name but one I gave him, he seemed to like it.

Also he was young and had very healthy clean teeth and ears. Was very gentle, even let me rummage around in his bowl while eating, and stood very quite as i washed him and cleaned his eyes. you couldnt of asked for a nicer dog.

Hes in the Carcassonne SPA just ask for the dog found in Pradellas Carbardes  


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Thanks for the replies.... yes he really is worth considering....... I forgot to mention he had a real cute trick .... when you held out a morsel of food he would lift his paw as if he was going to give it to you, then he held it over his face and peeked shyly out from behind it ..... ... oh godd the tears are flowing again......[:(]
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I hope they do.... trouble is there were prettier and cuter dogs they and lots of them ... unless you live with a dog you dont get to know his soul  .... and frankie had loads of soul ..... something which may get over looked on a quick look at the kennels
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[quote user="Pads"]Thanks for the replies.... yes he really is worth considering....... I forgot to mention he had a real cute trick .... when you held out a morsel of food he would lift his paw as if he was going to give it to you, then he held it over his face and peeked shyly out from behind it ..... ... oh godd the tears are flowing again......[:(][/quote]

Oh Pads.... feel so sorry for you... I'm sure your photos and story will convince someone...

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Poor little chap.

I'm so glad that he wandered into your garden and was looked after so well, than perhaps somebody who may have shoo'd him away. Even though it would have been quite hard to ignore the fact that he was hungry, but looked quite healthy otherwise.

I'm reassured that at least he's got a chip. He may have ran off and got lost. I expect his owners are just as worried for him.

Let's hope they are reunited soon. I suppose you won't know if he is, or do you have an e-mail address of the rescue place so that you could find out. 



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Yes I have the phone number and am keeping in touch. they have rung and written to the address on the chip but have had no reply 10 days after the letter was sent , he will be put up for adoption, I will keeping in touch and pushing him everywhere I can .
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Yes he seemed young , and his teeth had no wear on them at all so I would of said 2 ish if that. Some one had trained him well and he had loverly manners .

But I think he was dumped on purpose and the lady at the SPA said it was happening alot at the moment as money is tight .....in the area. I know myself how expensive it is to feed  big dog ...... its just so sad to happen to such a gentle dog. 

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Pads, this is heartbreaking.

I remember years and years ago, when we were holidaying in Sorrento, we "adopted" a stray dog with a great big scar along his back.  I stole food from the breakfast table for him.

At the end of our week's holiday, I introduced him to another British couple and begged them to look after him for the week of their stay and then find some other couple to take over from them.

When we went to Pompeii, the strays there made me cry.  The world is a very sad place for many animals that depend entirely on us humans to alleviate their misery a little.

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Those are marvellous photos Pads and he really seems a lovely dog.  Do you know if the address of the owners was in the area or somewhere else in France?

He was very thin and had obviously been straying for a while.  How lucky he came upon you.  He could have been dumped, he could have been stolen or he could have been left with someone while his owners were on holiday and run off.  Not a good sign that the owners don't reply, but they could have moved and not made the change of address.  As you say, by the way he is, someone has cared for him in the past.

A few weeks ago I went shopping at Saint Maixent at Leclerc.  There was a Berger des Pyrénées strolling in the car park and I thought he was with some people behind him.  Then he came into the building material and animal food part where I was and one of the boys said "a lost dog".  I got hold of him and put him in the car leaving my 'phone number at Leclerc.  He had no collar and no tattoo so I had to bring him home, it was Saturday evening.  On Monday morning I took him to the vet to see if he had a chip and luckily he did.  He belonged to someone in Niort.  I called them and they had just got back from a few days away and didn't even know he was missing.  They had left him with someone near Saint Maixent and he had run off.  They came and picked him up luckily on the Monday evening.

Pads, you seem to be following Frankie (they should be able to give you his name by the chip), but if you need any help with the SPA, you know you can count on me.    [:)]


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Thanks christine

We found him in our village about 35ish km north of Carcassonne and although the lady wouldnt tell me any information off the chip I did see that the address was in Nabbonne. I was told by a neighbour that he had been wandering around the village in a thin state for about 6 weeks. The villagers had been mean to him and where trying to chase him off, but no one had put lost signs up and we also checked with the Marie , no one knew where he came from .

So we had to take him to the SPA there were very nice and the lady said it would be OK for me to ring once a week to see what is happening to him. So I have another 5 days till I can ring again....[:(] I really hope its a case of him being lost and some one loves him some where. He is going up for rehoming if she dosnt here from the owners by next week. so fingers crossed for him.

The funny thing was the night before we left another thin dog turned up in our garden lookng for some food .... but this one had a number on his collar so we rang them and he was a lost hunt dog and they came to get him later that evening ........ do you think there a secret sign out side our house in dog code that says B& B this way ....?[:D] 


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What a handsome chap he is!!  What would we do without people like you Pads.  I hope his real owners haven't abandoned him and that he is perhaps lost.  He will find a new home soon because who could resist such a lovely dog.


Good Luck Frankie.




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You've made me cry Pads! 

The poor thing!  I can't keep a dog you know that - it's nothing to do with my 5 cats but the fact me and husband are always away most weekends and so much of the summer.  I will ask around my friends and family though. [kiss] 

I'll call the SPA tomorrow if you like and ask how he's doing.

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Would you ? then it wont look like Im pestering them to much.... Thanks [kiss] He's the dog found in Pradelles Carbardes, they didnt give me his name off the owners chip , but would love to fid that out if you can. ask if the owner from Nabbonne ever got in touch with them

Ta luv xx

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Is Frankie still confined or is he free?

His face is very similar to our old dog although his legs are considerably longer (my old dog was a Corgi Dachshund cross). I may be interested in offering Frankie a home but with one small reservation. We have free range chickens in our garden and I mean really free range like the whole garden. I see that he was not tempted but I would like to know for sure. What are the chances, do the panel think, of me testing Frankie out, like bring him home and see what happens and if there is a problem with the chickens take him back. I wouldn't like to cause him any stress so if the panel thinks its unreasonable then I won't do it. Before anyone suggests we make big chicken run I can't for reasons I don't want to go in to. What I can say is we have the mother of all fires in our lounge and two acres of garden and woods for him to play in as well as a river (the Aude) to cool of in during the hot summer.

Also how does the system work if you home a dog from the SPA. Do you just go in and get one the same day? Do you have to pay and if so for what or is in a donation system i.e. you give what you can afford (I'm not worried about the cost I just don't want to look (more) stupid). Does the dog belong to you or is it like the Wood Green Animal Shelter where they continue to technically own the dog? Do you get to spend some time with the dog, like do they have an exercise field where you can get to know each other before you decide.

I also need to know how many dogs you can take in one go as I am sure when the wife gets there she will want to take them all [;-)] .

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[kiss]Quillan Bless you.....

When he was with us each morning I took him off lead through my neighbours place where they had free range cats kittens geese ducks , chickens and pygmy goats he didnt look at them once , but he was pretty exhausted and thin , how he behaves once back to full health , I couldnt say.

In the UK I know you can take the dog and if it dosnt work out you can take them back with not hard feeling , so ask them and see.

You have to take in ID and some card to prove your living there , a carte filditly or some thing , and the cost is 80euros , which I will help you with if you want ? But he will be chipped and have all his injections and wormed for that price ( so I believe )

If you ring them on 04 68 25 35 48 they will be able to tell you  more , tell them its the dog that was found in Pradelles Carbardes by a english woman that you want . she did say if I got a friend to take him she would consider the price ..... so you could try that , as I told her in my bad french I would find some one but I think  she thought I meant I had a friend who would take him ......so Say your my friend ..... which if you do this . oh god you will be for life ...... plus if you want a free hoilday in Pradelles my home is yours any time .....or cornwall.... OK now Im getting over excited, I aphresate this might not work out but all my fingers and toes are crossed

Keep me in touch. Please give him a chance 


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