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Calendar for the dogs

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Hello all - I have been putting together a calendar of pictures of some of the dogs who were re-homed this year through the efforts and kindness of lots of people. So many lovely doggie faces who would quite literally not be here today but for the milk of human kindness that never fails to make my heart melt. So, if anyone is interested here are a couple of snap shots of what it will look like when it's finished - A4 size with days and months in English and French and selling for 8 or 10 Euros depending on final costs - that will include the mailing costs to people.



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Yes of course Jean - they are being printed in the UK so no problem at all. Just send me your address and I will start the distribution list going as I've had lots of people today already - I'm so pleased!

Thanks for fixing the pictures for me that man! :)))
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What a cover photo for a calendar!  That lovely old pair all comfy and pastel, just wonderful.  A great idea which is obviously going to be a great success, well done Merlin.

Many people who start in rescue work end up as a "flash in the pan" as the motivation and passion to go all the way has to be there.  You, Jouals and Rowan have gone all that way and I know how difficult it is.  "Keep up the good work" they say, but noone can imagine the energy, time, stress and worry involved unless they have been there.

But then there is the reward, satisfaction and happiness of all this successful devotion as shown in your calendar.

So "keep up the good work" girls, you can be proud of yourselves.  A big thank you to you and all the generous people who have given homes to these lost souls and made them what they are, the greatest of companions.


[:)]   [:)]   [:)]


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They are going to the printer tomorrow and will cost 6 euros. You can order by emailing me your address at :- [email protected] and paying by using the donate button on my website :-


or sending a cheque if you prefer.

Many thanks to all ordering - I will have the proofs for people to see on request later in the week and will post them on doglinks.
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