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Puffed wheat - Edit - Puffed Rice!???


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I reckon the puffed rice stuff Meg saw is the same as the rice crackers I saw on sale in UK - they taste of nothing and resemble chewing a chunk of corrugated cardboard.

I have seen the pasta for animal feed in the small local Intermarche - looks like tiny wholemeal pasta shells - however by accident I bought a sack of stuff for my dogs thinking it was a sort of Winalot terrier meal and it turned out to be a sort of dog-muesli with biscuity meaty bits in it.  I thought mine would reject it as they have been a bit pernicketty in the past if I have bought the wrong sort of biscuits, yet mixed with a bit of hot water and then the duck & carrot mixed in,  well they cannot get enough of it!  So much for my fretting about not finding dog food they like!!



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