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Visite Medicale du Permis de Conduire

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Apart from the usual requirement for certain categories of driving licence, a medical is usually only required for certain conditions that may be incompatible with holding a driving licence or where a person acquires a disability that involves a modification to the vehicle. 

Have you been told that a medical is required in your particular case?



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Yes, I have, S/D because my knee won't bend to 70 degrees which is the stated minimum.  I have had an assessment from the rehab unit's driving school and I don't need a modified car but the consensus there (from the ergos and a one of the medics who used to do these tests) is that I do need the medical or my insurance could be invalid.
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Just come back from said medical which, btw, I passed, so watch out road users, she's back![:-))]

As a matter of interest for others who may have to do this in the future, it does in fact mean a change of licence if one still has a UK one.  Happily, I have had the most helpful person at my sous-prefecture who has done research on my behalf or I might still be floundering around.  Even she struggled a bit as it was the first time she'd had to deal with a non-French licence holder and she got different stories from different sources herself.  Her colleagues at the prefecture in LM were less clued up but eventually I got what I wanted.  Just have to wait for the paperwork to turn up now.

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