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My Disability scooter stolen

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NormanH said: Of course the sort of running around  I need to do I would normally do

ON the scooter,

so I will have to over come my telephone phobia and pull

my finger out


NH, I always imagine that you speak good french, so what is this phobia about. You did surprise me saying

that. M. Idun,  avoids the phone as he is hard of hearing, no mention of phobia though and his 'deafness'

never stops him singing or playing music.

I do get the impression that quite a few posters do not like phoning in France, in french. It never bothered

me, the alternative of not knowing was not a good option for me, so I'd just call and muddle my way through,

in fact, I can still 'muddle' rather well.

So, NH, I do hope that you 'pulled your finger out' and tapped in the numbers you needed to and are getting

over your 'phobia'.[:D]

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Id, I have telephone phobia too and it's not to do with phoning in French; I have telephone phobia ringing and speaking in English; I have telephone phobia ringing my family, I have telephone phobia ringing my best friends, I have telephone phobia ringing my husband.

Some of us don't like telephones, c'est tout!

Speaking for myself, I always fear that I am interrupting the other person when they are in the midst of doing something, such as being up to their elbows in flour baking or covered in earth gardening or in the midst of an exciting passage in a book or watching a tennis match on TV.

True, I don't like electronic switchboards that tell you to press button 1, 2, 3, etc or that you "now have 10 options".  But that would apply whether it's a French or an English switchboard.

I find the phone intrusive when it rings for me and I fear it is a touch imperious when I ring others.  Forgotten now what I used to do pre-emails, I have an idea I used to write a lot of letters![:)]

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Yes my 'phobia' is more like the one mint describes.

In fact I can telephone effectively in French and indeed have done on a couple of occasions for other Forum members since I understand 99.9% of what is said to me.

On the other hand I hate phoning even in English for anything that concerns my own needs, and even worse I hate being called when I haven't got everything straight in my head and the documents in front of me.

On paper I can be quite caustic I am told but orally I am diffident to an extreme...

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Yes...a little absurd, in fact. They found it as I said but also they have the young man who stole it 'pour offrir à sa belle' as his official  and very sentimental version of how it happened to be  in the courtyard of his girlfriend's mother's house.

They questioned him and on Sunday night he went into a mental institution.

Another version is that he was caught on camera (I was able to give a time accurate to 20 minutes) and recognised, so they visited the aforementioned house which is not unknown as the last resting place of objects that have been 'liberated' from those who think they own them.

Once questioned and having seen the evidence against him he decided to become unfit to plead.

So I the villain am responsible for the failure of his attempt at reconciliation with his beloved, and of pushing him over the edge of despair.[blink] [blink]

As for the Police, not only did they find the scooter and the perpetrator but the officer this morning contacted my insurance company and arranged for it to be taken on a trailer to a garage for repairs, doing all the has-sly phone contacts with the 'service' clientèle and using his position and rank to get them moving quickly so I am pretty impressed with that (unless of course the insurance comes back later and refuses to pay which given my experience here could quite possibly happen...[:-))])

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I am so glad to know of other "phone phobics" ! I thought it was just me. I always think "oh it'll be linch time/smooze time/supper time/too late", and put it off yet again.

Norman, I am so glad the police got that moving for you.

They did that for me once when I discovered my car windscreen had been STOLEN in the night, while I was staying with a friend in Agen. It was over Easter, and the guy got hold of a local windscreen company and almost forced them to open up so they could fix it.

Hope you get your wheels back soooon.

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[quote user="NormanH"][IMG]http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh80/bfb_album/DSC04396_zps328637c4.jpg[/IMG]


that was a nice disability scooter where did you buy it? Do you know the best shop for [url=http://smartscooters.co.uk/]Disability Scooters[/url]

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Pleased to see you have your wheels under you again Norman .... If in future you have any expensive battery replacement problems come on the forum ....I am sure we can come up with a way of getting them in the UK at a much lower cost than you paid and shipped over to you .
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I got it from someone in the UK who deals in second-hand  scooters.

It was reconditioned and sent over by carrier.

It cost me 800 for the scooter plus about 200 for the transport.

It was a contact given me by the departed and much-loved cooperlola who also encouraged me when I was hesitating about buying it

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