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Disabled Visitors to France - Dept 19 Limousin

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Having bought our little peace of France just over a year ago now, my Mum has decided she's ready to come for a visit and see what its all about! We're delighted she wants to come and stay but are a little concerned about her mobility and how she'll manage with getting around.

Mum has a condition that means she's unable to walk very far and uses a wheelchair quite frequently. This isn't a problem in the UK, but in the part of France we live, Correze in Limousin, its very mountainous and hilly and our village is full of hills and slopes so just getting around there will be a challenge.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest any visitor attractions in Limousin that are disabled friendly we could take her to for a couple of days out?


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That's a bit of a daunting task! In our area there isn't a huge amount of facilities for disabled people, although the tourist offices have lists of restaurants etc, but even those need careful checking, as a few steps up or down don't seem to count!

I don't know the area, but here's a link to the Limousin section of Trip Advisor forums:


You'll need to run through them see which sound of interest and contact them to see what facilities they have for people with disabilities. Your local tourist offices should be able to offer help in their particular areas.

You could put a question on The Limousin forum on Trip Advisor, maybe somebody will know about places with reasonable facilities for somebody who needs to use a wheelchair.

Good luck.
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