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using the doofer on a26 northbound


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just enquiring if anyone else is having trouble at the last paege, south of calais, travwelling north.

Im forever backing out, and usually end up handing over the doofer to be scanned.

The doofer is fine, well it certainly works at all other stations.


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Had the same problem recently.

It does sound like the battery,  ours was just over 4 years old, sometimes worked , sometimes not.

I emailed Sanef from the website and got a reply within 24 hours asking if I wanted a new one sending in the post.  Arrived within 48 hours and asked for the old one back to get the deposit returned.

Pretty good service I thought.

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It's unusual for such devices to work intermittently so are you sure there is nothing in the car windcreen which could be interfering with it.

Easiest way to check, next time it doesn't work wave it out of the window. If you use one of the dual purpose lanes rather than a dedicated Doofer one if it still doesn't work at least you'll have the option of taking a ticket or possibly handing it to an operator for manual scanning instead of the embarassment of reversing out.[;-)]

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