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Recommended uk dealers to buy a french registered LHD car ?


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Just thinking of the people I have heard saying 'oh, we traded it in because it was making a funny noise / it was worn out / oh it needed..... / etc'.

Obviously, honesty is a one way street so perhaps why trade in prices are low because the dealer needs to put the cars right.
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That may be so for ordinary UK cars and dealers and while I'm sure there are bargain basement LHD cowboys out there of whom one should rightfully be equally wary for the most part you'll find that reputable ones tend to concentrate on relatively new and good condition LHD cars and a perusal of the web sites of the major players shows you that, e.g.


Obviously I have no idea what your budget might be however as general observation I would suggest that if you're in the market for a car at lets say €10k or under then the risks of buying in UK are just too great and because of that you really should buy locally.

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