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End of Auto Entrepreneur?


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There was (is?) a procedure for switching to micro-social regime. I don't know much about it as we started from scratch but you may want to look at http://www.startbusinessinfrance.com/ for advice. The forum costs 30€ (one-off, not annually) and you get answers from Valerie who is very good. There were articles some time ago about switching.

BTW, you don't switch to AE as this is just an easy startup scheme, but to micro-social. The post startup provisions are all the same though. And once you're in you can ditch the accountant ! [:P]

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MC. There's a lot of confusion and conflicting advice about switching from micro-BIC or micro-BNC to autoentrepreneur.

Technically, you can't do that. But in practice, what you can do is switch from the normal micro to 'micro-social'. As autoentrepreneur is virtually identical to micro-social, but with simplified registration procedures, in effect you become an autoentrepreneur. As your wife's micro business is already registered, there's no need for the AE simplified procedure. You switch from paying cotisations according to the apparent whim of

RSI, URSSAF etc. to paying according to your actual turnover for the

past quarter.

Three points. If you do make this switch it has to be done at the end of the fiscal year, i.e. 31 December. And if she has been trading for about five years the level of cotisations should be representative of current turnover, so the benefits of micro-social are potentially rather fewer. Finally, and obviously, you have to be operating in a type of business that is compatible with the autoentrepreneur regime (not all are).

You can make the switch to micro-social on the official autoentrepreneur website (did I or did I not say things were confusing?). Go to www.lautoentrepreneur.fr, choose 'adherer au regime', then select option 2 ('Vous êtes déjà en activité commerciale, artisanale ou libérale').

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Thanks Guys, she as just been checking out the AE site and apparently there was a cut of date for conversion, it is looking like the best path would be to end now, then start a new AE in a few weeks.

As for her turnover it is less now than when she first started.

Will: thanks for the advice re micro social, to be honest that worries me in case there is some other unknown re this one, I would much rather she ended and started on AE, it wouldn't cause her any difficult, she can stop trading for a month or two and it wouldnt cause us any problems.

Thanks again guys, you have made my day, now i will be so disappointed if the accountant gives me proof :)
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your statement doesn't make sense.

"take up token ... residences to avoid paying tax"...

meaning he really lives elsewhere and living in France helps him to avoid taxes in his "real", not-token domicile?

Grammar aside, I always question why "little people" are so keen on denouncing and criticizing other "little people" for trying to pay less in taxes while not batting an eye when multimillionaires can get away with paying nothing...  These are the ones capable of hiring ace lawyers and ace accountants to advise them.

Of course, he should have paid the extra $295 so the highly-overpaid politician can blow it off on his fancy dinner....

we cannot deprive these at the top of their perks, right?  We, the little people should, in fact, not only try to pay every coin of the taxes owed, but we should send our savings as donations to the government, too!!!

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[quote user="ebaynut"][quote user="AnOther"]

Tax avoidance/evasion is a national obsession in France isn't it ?

When it comes to most professional jobs you can nearly always get a 'cash' price. My car is in one of the main agent garages for a bit of body repair work (don't ask !) and the difference between an official job with a factura and cash was €295 so no prizes for guessing which I've gone for [blink]

Ask me if I feel guilty [;-)]


"Let's call a spade a spade, this gentleman, and many others like him, take up token foreign residencies to avoid paying tax, nothing more nothing less".

Does this comment ring a bell ???? [Www]

[/quote]'This gentleman', please explain ?

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