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Fosse siting


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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]

[quote user="Mister Fluffy"]As an aside, the prevalence of deaths from tetanus and other wound infections in WW1 was due to the heavy (organic) manuring of the soil over generations, which meant that it held a very high level of bacteria, which could be deadly if it got into a wound. Presumably none too good for you in a water source.


I thought tetanus was viral not bacterial??? Otherwise, why would you have an anti-tetanus injection? Which also begs the question of why you have boosters, once you have the viral antibodies in you they should stay there forever like any other immune response you develop (colds, flu, galloping gout etc).

I really ought to read this forum more carefully too - I looked at this subject and thought it said 'Fosse Sitting' like house sitting or babysitting and I wondered 'why would anybody want their fosse looked after .........'  DOH !!!



No, it's an anerobic bacteria  (colstridium tetani)  which is ubiquitus in spore form all over the world. The vaccine - as I understand it - is a protection against the effects of the neurotoxin produced by the bacteria.

As to why you need boosters for some antibodies and not others I do not know. Probably something to do with their innate replication rate.

I see a business opportunity here, if only we can persuade enough people that the fosses in thie second homes require frequent observation (fosse sitting) during their absences !


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  ok just watched on sky the british archers , they used to stick their arrows into the ground not for easy loading but so if they just winged a frenchman he would die from  the infection to the wound .

 no wonder the french love us


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