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Pointing in French style...how do I mix to get a soft 'brown'?!


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Just knocked the plaster off one wall and dug out a fair amount of the muddy mess they bind it all together with!   I want to point it so that it achieves that almost flat, but the stone still shows through in places look.

I'm just stuck with how to mix the mortar to make it that lovely browny/golden colour that they seem to get here...what materials do I use to get the colour?



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As Wilko has said the colour comes from the sand you use. One point, don't use cement,  because the walls need to breath. We used a product called Tradifarge (there are many others) which is a lime/mortar mix. Mix it according to the instructions and wear a mask when handling it dry (it burns your throat and nasal passages). Once mixed its easy to apply (throw it on with a flick of a trowel) and very sticky. Wet the wall well before you apply and put plenty on. After a short while scrape off the excess (it can be re-used) and finish off with a stiff brush.

Enjoy, you won't believe how big your arm muscles will grow doing this.....[:D]

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